Live View Golf

Live View Golf

Because the golf swing happens mainly behind our back it is sometimes very difficult to know or see what is going on, so a typical player has very little understanding how to correct it, bring in the new Live View Golf handy CAM that can be used either at home, on the range or on the course practising.

With normal video camcorders and apps available on your tablet or phone they just don’t give you the instant feedback that you need to see your swing patterns flaws, the Live View Golf Camera can give you instant feedback because it is synced to your mobile device and you can see all of this action real time.

Live View Golf - Live View Golf KitWith Live View Golf, you can continually adjust your swing until it matches your target swing position. Instead of creating incorrect and conflicting swing feelings, each swing reinforces the feeling of a correct swing. The live video enables you to have an infinite number of learning cycles creating a strong muscle memory for the correct swing mechanics. When every practice swing is correct, your learning accelerates dramatically. As they say, only perfect practice makes perfect.

In the Live View Golf kit, you will receive a nice durable case for transporting of the device, a tripod for simplicity and also a USB cable so you can easily charge it up with. The only thing you will need to do when you receive the kit is to sync the unit to your phone or tablet and you ready to go!  View Golf - Live View Golf Kit

A swing change is extremely difficult for most players because the new swing feels strange and awkward. Your natural instinct is to go right back to your old habits. The longer the habit, the more difficult the change. Much like a wheel will naturally slip into old ruts, your swing will naturally revert unless you are able to clearly groove a new swing pattern.

Live View Golf Swing Tools enable you to draw the swing paths that you want to practice, thereby creating visual references that show you precisely what a correct swing should do. With these guides, making a swing change is as simple as tracing lines with your club or matching the lines with your body. Live View Golf Swing Guides enable you to repeat a new motion correctly until it feels comfortable and part of your normal muscle memory. Live View Golf Swing Guides give you the tool to groove a new, correct, swing.

Driving range and ball striking are critical because it gives us feedback about the effectiveness of our swing. The problem is that even though poor ball flight is usually caused by a poor swing, a good ball flight might actually be caused by two mistakes that cancel each other out. Judging your swing purely by the ball flight can be satisfying, but doesn’t necessarily lead to long-term improvements.

Because Live View Golf lets you see and correct your pure swing mechanics, it is actually not even necessary to strike a ball to identify and fix swing problems. This means that you no longer have to make the trip to the driving range or worry about the weather conditions for your practice. Instead, you can keep working on your golf swing, day or night, rain or shine, a few minutes at a time whenever it is convenient. In fact for training muscle memory, it is probably better to have lots of little practice sessions throughout the day to help you deeply ingrain the correct swing feel.

With a solid muscle memory, that new swing feel will be there for you reliably when you actually go out to play. If you would like to know more about Live View Golf CLICK HERE.

As always if you have any comments or feedback on this article Live View Golf please do not hesitate to drop me a message or email me, I will be glad to respond to all of your questions.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
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  1. Hi Dave,

    Unfortunately at this stage you can only get them via Live View Golf in the US, they sent one for me to review which I did but at this stage you still have to go via for any enquiries or purchases.

    Sorry I cannot be of more assistance.


  2. Dave says:

    Where in the UK can I buy the Live View Golf Camera?

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