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With so many different grips on the market you sometimes feel overwhelmed with choice but if you are looking for a well-priced and great grip then look no further than Lamkin Golf Grips, they are very good quality with a great feel – and the preferred golf grip for the world’s top touring pros. Lamkin golf grips - Regripped Golf Grips

Lamkin golf grips have been manufactured since 1925, they have sold over a half a billion golf grips worldwide, have been the biggest provider of golf grips to golf club manufactures worldwide and have helped the world’s top touring professionals amass a staggering 100 PGA Tour events with a total prize money of $300,000,000 dollars – so they must be doing something right!

The great late Arnold Palmer was a massive fan of Lamkin golf grips and used them for the majority of his golfing career, here are a few reasons why Arnie was a big advocate of Lamkin golf grips and also an advocate on why you should regularly keep your golf grips in good condition.

This is what the great man Arnold Palmer had to say about golf grips:

“Now, this obviously depends on the condition of your grips. Some golfers haven’t changed their grips in five years. You can’t tell me that worn grips are giving them the best opportunity to shoot lower scores. I like to minimize my risk of slipping and torque. I need to be confident in my grips. With new grips, my swing is not so tense and I feel more relaxed. I know this produces the best shots, and I believe you’ll find that to be true, as well”

“For serious golfers playing regularly, my suggestion is to replace your grips every year. Changing them at the beginning of the season is always a great idea, as you’ll have fresh and tacky grips to help maximize control of the clubs right from the outset. Think of it as a tune-up prior to an enjoyable season. In my case, I like the feel of new grips, so I change mine a lot more often than most people”

I recently chose to replace all of my golf grip for the forthcoming golf season for one particular reason and it was all to do with a very hot spell, I myself suffer from sweaty palms during warmer weather spells and the feeling of not being able to hold onto the golf club because of it slipping made me realise it was time for a complete overall of the golf grips on all of my golf clubs.

Over the years I generally played with the golf grip that came with the golf clubs, my way of thinking was that surely the golf club manufacturers would put on the best golf grips for their golf clubs, some of the time this was not the case, so I made a conscious decision to always use Lamkin golf grips on all of my golf clubs whether they were new or used golf clubs that were in my golf bag.

A recent article on Regripping golf club instructions will help you replace your old golf grip with Lamkin golf grips – for kits and grips visit Amazon for a nice collection of choices.

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  1. We are the same here we have always used Lamkin Golf grips because not only are they good golf grips they are also priced very well.

    Bogeys to Birdies

  2. Ann says:

    I’ve always believed that Lamkin golf grips were the best for the all round golfer, reading your article justifies my decision!

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