How To Play Golf In The Winter

As we all now know, summer is drawing to a dramatic close and the UK weather is once again upon us, this article how to play golf in the winter might help you in your winter golf planning. As expected one day it’s rainy, the next it’s sunny, causing all kinds of havoc! Below I’m going to list reasons why golf is actually a year-round sport and why you shouldn’t be put off by the bad weather! How To Play Golf In The Winter - Players on a frozen tee

How To Play Golf In The Winter

Due to how volatile UK weather is, we know that all the courses are going to be a little worse for wear. This happens every year normally through the winter months until March/April when the weather tends to be a little kinder to us.

Golfers can potentially see a rise in strokes taken to finish a round. But even with courses out of action and average stats being lowered, there are plenty of options still available.

First of all, consider rules in place such as ‘Preferred Lies’, also known as ‘winter rules’.

This rule changes for each local club and the use of it is dictated by local clubs. A club usually informs it’s members when the rule is in place when entering the facility. To sum this up, this rule is the action of moving your ball an agreed distance away from where it has landed (perhaps a closely mown area), or gone out of bounds, however, is it never allowed to move further than the agreed distance.

Always ask at your club for specific guidance.

How To Play Golf In The Winter

Winter Greens

Winter / temporary greens are never a happy sight. The state of courses all over the UK can normally be met with groans and frowns. But what if I were to tell you that winter greens can sometimes be a positive?

How To Play Golf In The Winter

As the size of winter greens are normally smaller, they may not develop your putting any further, but actually, due to the size, they can certainly help you to improve your distance control. Overall it can enable you to improve focus and think about your shot more.

Driving Ranges

If you have had bad experiences with golf courses over the winter, you can always continue to develop by attending a driving range. They are usually open all year round and provide a nice location to carry on with your development. Benefits include ensuring your form doesn’t drop, long game practice and a warmer environment.  

Coventry based golf club Stonebridge Golf is one of the clubs available which has an ‘all year round’, ‘any weather’ driving range. Visiting a specialist club is beneficial as on hand tuition is available if and when you need it.

Golf Simulators

Indoor venues nationwide provide golfers with even more options to consider. Although golf simulators can never be totally accurate, they are a fun way of improving iron and driving shots.  

Another benefit of golf simulators is that as it is entertaining, you could always take your kids and help teach them the beloved game!

How To Play Golf In The Winter

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