How To Keep Golf Club Grips Dry

When playing in the morning, the dew on the greens and the fairways gets your grips wet. Wet grips can make swinging the golf club or putter very uncomfortable because you just can’t get that feeling of control. I typically use either a towel, or a product called Grip Dry (reviewed last year), to keep my golf club grips dry when playing in the morning, or when the grass is wet

Recently, I discovered a new product that’s easier to use and very effective at keeping my grips higher off the ground than most alternatives. The product is called the Golf Elevator and it’s a very simple, yet effective product to use. To install, simply screw the device into the end of any grip and extend the “elevator” extension to keep your grip from ever touching the ground. Golf Elevator extends about 5 inches off the ground, keeping the most important part of the club (your grip) dry.

I used the Golf Elevator on one of my putters (pictured) and it worked great. It does take some effort to screw it into your grip, but once the Golf Elevator is in place, it does not move. The Golf Elevator can easily be removed from one club and reinstalled on another. If you are re-gripping a club, the Golf Elevator can be removed and reinstalled on the same club as well.

Bottom line . . . the Golf Elevator works well at keeping grips dry. It also comes with a magnetic ball marker which makes one less item that’s needed in your pocket. A smart, yet very simple and effective solution to no more wet grips!

The company website is and the cost is $24.95. As of the time of writing this review, the company was also offering 15% off coupon and free shipping on their site.


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