How to Improve a Golf Swing

A while ago I set out on a journey on how to improve a golf swing of a good friend of mine, he was playing off of a 14 handicap but I saw the potential in him so I set out a plan on how to bring the potential out of him, over the next 18 months he won the club scratch championship and is now play off of a 3 handicap – I must say that I am a certified golf coach so my teachings certainly enhanced his game and when he won the club championship it was not only a good win for him but for me also.

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How to improve a golf swing

So in the last 18 months Mike has seen his handicap drop massively from a 14 handicap to a very tidy 3 handicap, to say it was easy would be an understatement, we covered everything from changing his swing plane to a flatter more reliable swing, his short game around the green, his approach play from 100 yards and into the green, his putting and last but not least his mental game making sure what he learnt on the driving range he could take that out onto the golf course and make it work. How to Improve a Golf Swing - Handicap Chart

How it all came about was purely because Mike wanted to improve his game and with my wealth of knowledge and also my hands on experience after playing for over 40 years he was very interested in some of my techniques so he could understand them and then adapt those techniques to his game – I must add a lot of my game is self-taught and I am very much a ‘feel’ player so sometimes my methods of playing are very much a personal thing – but Mike was very much up for the challenge so we got the ball rolling.

The Mental Game

After playing a couple of rounds from the offset it became apparent that Mike had hidden nerves when playing golf, didn’t like teeing off from the first tee in front of the clubhouse, didn’t like people watching him because deep down he more than likely doubted his own ability which was crazy because this guy can crunch a golf ball as good as a touring pro but those 6 inches between his ears was causing him some concerns – so between me and Dr Bob Rotella’s book ‘Golf is not a game of perfect’ we have now overcome the teeing off in front of people nerves, in fact, he relishes the opportunity of a bigger audience watching him now because he now knows he is a good golfer – I now love his attitude!

Short Game and Chipping around the green

One of my strengths has always been my ability to play a good short game, most touring pros only hit possibly 12 greens in regulation per round so an amateur hitting 6 per round Is pretty good so I knew that if I wanted to play par golf I needed a short game to enable me to achieve this, this was one area that Mike really struggled with.

How to improve a golf swing

One day after we had just finished a round Mike said to me I really like the way you play those around the green shots so after finishing we headed straight to the practice putting and chipping green, a couple of hours later after using a pitching wedge, 50 degrees lob wedge, sand iron and 60 degrees lob wedge to create different shots the ingrained thought and technique that I had shown Mike was starting to make sense to him and he was getting the hang and feel of the shot, I must say now his chipping around the green is pretty impressive. 

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On the final day of the club championships Mike and I were seeded in the last group, on the 16th hole Mike was faced with a ridiculously fast downhill chip from the back of the green, in hindsight he should never have flown the green but I think there was a bit of adrenaline involved with that shot – anyway I mentioned to Mike ‘just take your medicine and make bogey at worse’ because he was still leading but no not Mike he proceeded to play the most delicate, downhill lighting fast green chip to within 8 inches of the pin, if he had played that shot one inch harder he was off the front of the green – that shot won him the championship!

How to improve a golf swing

Mike was always a fader of the golf ball, he still has that shot in his locker but he can now hit a magical draw shot with a lot of effects, changing Mike to swing flatter was the most challenging but I think he would agree the most rewarding, he can now stand up with confidence as he does frequently now and play the shot he is visualising whether it be a fade or a draw, I just need Mike to stop changing his clubs so often so we can stick to swing plane and shot that is going to be the most effective and have the most longevity for his golf game!


This wasn’t a difficult one to sort out for Mike, he knew he had the ability this was all down to trusting his reading of the putt and also his pre-shot putting routine, now that he has sorted that out sky is the limit – my technique of plum bobbing the putt has also helped Mike quickly read putts so he was very keen on learning on how plum bobbing worked – he is now a very solid putter of the golf ball by using the plum bobbing method.

How to improve a golf swing

Mike and I have spent so much time together not just on the range but also out on the golf course, I have also been present when he shot his first two par rounds of golf, so all of these things are great milestones and great memories and positive thoughts Mike can draw on in the future as his game improves even further – Mike has the potential to play scratch golf and he knows it, it’s just having that positive mindset that all top golfers have, I am not saying in another 18 months he will be playing off of scratch but he won’t be far off!

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Congratulations Mike Kent on not just winning the Club Championships in 2017 but also the time and effort you have put into your game to get to where you have got in such a short space of time – keep it going mate and good luck.

I hope that this article how to improve a golf swing was enjoyable and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

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How to improve a golf swing

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  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Bru, 

    Thanks for your feedback on the article on how to improve a golf swing, even though you admit you are not much of a golfer but you did get some good information from the site, I try and select the Amazon products that are not just good value in my opinion but also good value for the golfer.

    Thanks once again for the feedback on the article how to improve a golf swing.

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  2. Bru says:

    I’m not much of a golfer but I really enjoyed your site. First, the domain name is great and very catchy! I also liked how you described in detail the steps to improve the swing. It felt like you were speaking from experience and not just a canned approach to a niche.

    I liked how you had your Amazon picks around your article. It seems the them you picked was a great one for what you were wanting to do with your site.

    Well done

  3. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for your feedback and comments on how to improve a golf swing article, getting Mike to the level he is has been a challenge but a well rewarding personally – you mention about chipping, here is a link to an older article which has my tips on it and also one of my videos –

    Hope the article helps?

    Thanks once again for the feedback and if you have any further comments please do not hesitate to get back in touch.


    Michael – Bogeys to Birdies – Golf Tips for Seniors

  4. Brendan says:

    This was a very eye-opening article for me. I am currently a college student who played golf in high school and the worst part of my game by far was short game and mental game. Seeing that you were able to do this with Mike in a reasonable amount of time gives me motivation that my putting can succeed as long as I trust my read and work on a consistent pre-putt routine.

    Also, since I have matured and seeing the way you taught Mike to think, I believe that my mental game will improve tremendously.

    Thank you for the article and I just have one question, do you have any specific advice for chipping? That is the worst part of my physical game and could use some help with it.

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