How to become a golf pro

Ever thought of becoming a golf coach and making money out of the sport in doing so, this article how to become a golf pro will hopefully steer you in the right direction in possibly achieving your dreams! How to become a golf pro - Legs and Stance

PGA Professional Status

This is more than likely the most well-known way of becoming a golf teaching professional but it can take many years to do so, if age is against you then this might not be the way forward, but if you are young and willing to work in a pro shop for 4 to 5 years then maybe this is the way to go? You might end up being great for meeting, greeting and selling golf equipment to golf members or visitors but will it make you into a ‘grandmaster’ teaching coach?

How to become a golf pro

Well their accreditation says it does but I beg to differ on that note, I have met many PGA trained golf coaches and they couldn’t teach you to play better golf let alone play good golf themselves, it has become a stigma that most newbie golfers or seasoned golfers source the guidance of a PGA Pro because that is what has been ingrained into many golfers way of thinking.

European Golf Teachers Federation

But don’t fret there other options of becoming a golf teaching professional without having to spend 4 to 5 years of your life doing so with the PGA, in the UK we have the European Golf Teachers Federation to consider, they are based in Minehead in England and offer a good option of doing a course to become a golf teaching professional.

How to become a golf pro

How to become a golf pro - Ball Forward in AddressMany experienced PGA trained professionals have also added this course to their resume because it actually teaches you how to coach golf correctly and not just knowing how to work in a golf pro shop on a golf course, it teaches you the best methods of coaching for the long term, not just the short term which I believe regular PGA pros do so, PGA pros tend to look at you as a 6 month, once a week prospect to teach little snippets to keep you going back for more lessons!

Whenever I have coached golfers to improve their game I focus on small adjustments to improve what the golfer already has, grip adjustments, alignment adjustments, ball positioning adjustments and so on until you get the swing that the suits your pupil not what that suits the golf teaching professional – this is what I believe the European Golf Teachers Federation will do for your game.

How to become a golf pro

So whether you are looking at becoming a teaching professional or are just looking for a golf coaching alternative to the PGA then look no further than the European Golf Teachers Federation, they have a great database of professionals to choose from.

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