Golf Tips Seniors

Golf Tips Seniors

Today’s Golf Tips Seniors golfer is to focus on the speed of the backswing, remember you don’t hit the ball taking the club back you hit it on the way down, so slow that backswing down even by a fraction of your normal speed will produce much better results – Golf Tips Seniors.

Taking the club back fast and then trying to counteract that upward motion with a downward motion takes a lot of skill and can create a lot of moving parts, this is exactly what we don’t want to happen in your backswing. 

For example, when you use a hammer to drive a nail into a plank of wood you would not take it back at the speed you would use to hammer in the nail, slow backswing with plenty of control and maximum power when bringing the hammer down to the nail, this is no different to the backswing – take it back slow and in control and release the club at the top of the swing for maximum power! This does take a time to change, especially if you have been playing golf for many years.

So I would recommend getting on the driving range, hit a few shots to warm up, use your old backswing speed just to get warmed up and getting your timing right as per normal, then once warmed up start taking the club back slower at a time until you feel comfortable with your new backswing speed.

Golf Tips Seniors

Golf Tips Seniors

You will find it better to practice this drill by really making your take away for the backswing really slow, it might feel like it is too slow initially but with time, it will feel normal. I remember years ago a seasoned pro asked me is it ‘powerless effort or effortless power’ I was looking for, I immediately reacted by saying ‘effortless power’, that thought has stayed with me all my golfing life, when I am looking for answers when my game is not up to scratch week in week out I just have that swing thought in the back of my mind – try it I think you will see the benefits of it pretty quickly!

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4 Responses

  1. Great that you are getting the benefit out of our articles for the senior golfer and please feel free to keep in touch and let us know if you want us to concentrate on any other parts of the senior players golf game?

    Bogeys to Birdies

  2. Richard Simkin says:

    Good solid advice and well thought out for the senior golfer, a lot of golf tips websites miss the point that the majority of regular golfers are seniors and that we need more solid advice with our game and not coached to swing it like Dustin Johnson, at my age that would be impossible!

  3. Hi Richard,

    So glad that you are getting benefits after reading the article about slowing your back swing down, as you mentioned the most important part of any senior golfers game should be trying to hit the golf ball out of the middle of the club, this will not only add more distance but your accuracy will improve also.

    Keep in touch.

    Bogeys to Birdies

  4. Richard says:

    I am now a well seasoned senior player and your advice about slowing the back swing down is definitely going to help my golf game, I tend to over swing and also hit the golf ball too hard these days, I am trying just to ensure that I hit the golf ball out of the middle of the golf club which seems to help my game, great golf tip for senior golfers and keep them coming!


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