Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer

Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer

The internet is full of articles on how to become a better golfer but there are not many golf tips for the senior golfer, that is why in this article I want to cover a few of the basics that I believe will help improve your game.

1. Try and have a snack or a meal before you commence your round

Many senior golfers like to play early in the morning to avoid the rush and have a leisurely round of golf with no distractions, while this is a great idea to beat the rush so many senior golfers miss their most important meal of the day by doing this.

Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer - Plate of food

So before you play try and have some breakfast or at least a snack so you enjoy your round of golf better, a meal that includes carbohydrates are a good option because they will keep your energy level up whilst playing your round of golf, this is definitely important if you are planning on walking the course.

2. Take a healthy snack with you too!

How many times have you seen the touring pros on the television having a sneaky bite to eat on the tee whilst waiting to tee off, especially eating the likes of bananas and apples, both good sources of energy and to give you a bit of nourishment for your round – this should also be coupled with drinking some water on the way round the course also.

3. Have you ever walked around your home golf course?

This is an area that when I mention it to senior golfers they look at me and say why would I want to walk my home golf course? Simply because you will see the course in a different perspective when you next play, you will see parts of each hole that you have never really considered in the past – seriously even if you did this once this summer it would be well worth the effort – plus you will get some extra exercise in too!

This also gives you the opportunity to ‘pace’ out certain distances on certain holes, so make sure you take a notepad too so you make notes on what you find out. Plus you will also have the added advantage of walking all of your home courses holes without having to worry about your next shot, it takes the mental side out of your thought pattern for future reference.

4. Try and loosen up prior to your round, hit a few balls on the range helps

I see it every day with senior golfers, they turn up 5 minutes before their allotted tee time and proceed to the first tee without having hit a golf ball for a week or so, even the most seasoned tour pro likes to warm up by hitting a few balls and also having a putt on the putting green prior to their round.

Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer - Driving Range

Even if you only hit 20 balls on the range, your mindset will be totally different when you do hit your first tee shot of the day, you have sort of ingrained that hitting motion in your mind before your first tee shot – try this it really does work and will improve your golf game – if you start of the round well you generally have a good round to follow.

5. Have a check and look around at what’s in your golf bag?

By this I mean make sure you have an adequate amount of balls and tees for your round of golf, more often than not I have seen senior golfers turn up on the first tee and realise they may not have enough balls in their bag for the round, well worth a few minutes check prior to your round.

Also check what clubs you have in your golf bag, since your last round you may have forgotten that you took out a couple to clean them or possibly get them re-gripped, this way if you do do a quick check then you know you are not in for any hidden surprises when out on the golf course.

6. Practice your short game prior to your round of golf

If you are on the range having a warm up prior to your round of golf try not to focus too much on your driver or woods, so many senior golfers make the mistake of warming up with the ‘heavy ammo’ instead of focusing on their short game.

If you analysed your round of golf you will see that over 60/70% of your shots are within 100 yards of the green not 400 yards from the green, so warm up with some wedges and shorter irons, this will help you improve your short game as well.

Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer - Putting Green

I always warm up starting with a sand iron and slowly make my way to the longer clubs, it’s far easier to hit the ball with a shorter club rather than a longer club, trust me give this a go the next time you are warming up on the driving range prior to your round of golf.

7. Stop guessing about putts and learn how to read greens

I see so many senior golfers and also golfers, in general, spend so little time on their putting when putting could make up 50% of your game of golf, it’s easy to work out, if you play an 18 hole golf course and it’s a par 72 then your putting is contributing at least 50% of your total shots – well worth studying a putt in more detail to save a few strokes!

My recommendations are always:

a) Get down low and look at the green
b) Look at the breaks in the green
c) Is the green sloping from one side to another
d) Have a look at the grain of the grass on the green
e) Has the green got morning dew or is it later in the day when the greens are drier after a day of sun

All of these factors are well worth taking into account to trim a few shots off of each of your rounds of golf, the difference between the top touring professionals and the rest of the field it all points towards who putted the best that day or at that particular tournament, a touring pro could be four shots off the lead come the end of the tournament, that basically points to one putt per round is the difference between a champion and an also-ran – well a few minutes of your time to study a putt and reduce your scores!

Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer - putting green

8. Go over and evaluate each and every one of your rounds after you have finished

I cannot recommend you doing this each and every time you play a round of golf, I don’t mean do it straight after the round when you are having a catch-up beer or coffee with your mates, but more to do it when you are on your own.

Keep your scorecard and look at each and every hole that you played and do the following:

a) Add up how many putts per hole you made on the putting surface, not from off the green just the amount of putts on the green
b) How many greens in regulation did you hit
c) How many fairways you hit from your drives
d) How many bunkers did you go into and how many shots you made to get out of them
e) How many pars did you make
f) How many birdies did you make
g) Add up the gross stroke score
h) Add up the scores and work out your Stableford points did you amass

If you do all of the above you will soon work out where you need improvement and also what the best part of your golf game is, this will then give you a true indication on where you need to practice up on?

I have done this method for years and it helps me on where I need to improve my game, by doing this you will certainly improve your game also.

Here is a link on one of my other articles about putting – CLICK HERE.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article golf tips for the senior golfer please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Keep hitting those fairways and enjoying your golf in 2016!

4 Responses

  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Troy, thanks for your comments regarding my article Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer, as we get older we need to look after ourselves especially on the golf course and in the hot weather!



  2. troy says:

    I myself am not a person who plays golf but I use to work as a loss prevention driver for the PGA/West here in the California Desert. I cant count how many times I had to respond to an emergency that involved a senior citizen due to lack of nourishment and dehydration so informing and reminding seniors of this vital information is really important.

  3. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for your comments on my article Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer, the good old putting tips never fail!



  4. JeffWA says:

    Hi Michael,
    Your article is chock full of great tips to help the senior golfer get the best out of his/her time out on the course.

    Indeed as people age, (and I’m almost 59 myself) in fact the tips involving eating a light meal before a round for energy, warming up properly to loosen one’s joints and muscles and even taking a snack along as well would be things that older golfers truly need to think about versus a person being under 25 years old. These factors definitely need to be thought about for the senior golfer.

    I also thought the idea of walking the course first to get a better feel of the undulations on the fairways and greens would be something to consider as well. The aim for any golfer should be to score as low as possible. This can only be helped if the golfer has become familiar with the course by walking it first.

    Also loved your tips on really what would best help the golfer achieve the best scores possible for a round – putting. The old golf saying is “drive for show, putt for dough – meaning $ and low score. If one can’t really read greens well than he/she is really cheating him/herself in the ability to score as low as possible for every hole.

    Those 5 tips regarding the ability to read greens for putts were superb, Michael.

    Loved the article,

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