Golf Tips for Putting

Golf Tips for Putting

If I asked you to throw me a golf ball you would not even think about the pace or direction your brain would work it out and judge it perfectly, in this article golf tips for putting I am going to look at why your subconscious plays such a major factor, great putters in the game pick their line and commit to the putt – just like throwing that golf ball I asked you to throw to me!

So what we want to do with putting is to keep it natural, trust your putting stroke, trust in your pace and commit to the line or break you have chosen, by doing this you will not get bogged down with too many thoughts or negative thoughts to stop you from making the putt. Golf Tips for Putting - Ping Putter

Roll the putt don’t hit it!

Nowadays most putters manufactured by the well-known brands are finely tuned pieces of equipment just like the rest of your golf clubs in your golf bag, they have a nice ‘sweet spot’ and if you connect with the ball with the sweet spot it gets the golf ball rolling nicely with top spin, so we want to roll the golf ball not hit it.


To get the correct distance control you need to take an open stance, your weight should be slightly towards your left side and your putter shaft leaning towards the hole, this will then counteract the 4 degrees of loft that the majority of golf manufacturers have on the face of the putter head, so leaning slightly towards the hole takes away the 4 degree of loft and helps the golf ball along the way and the golf ball will run smoother.

Lastly, you need to keep the putter low to the ground through impact this will then eliminate you hitting the golf ball on the upstroke, by hitting the golf ball on the upstroke will only make the ball hop and not roll.

Using your fingers on the putter will equate to better feel

There is no written rule on how you should hold or grip the putter, it is a personal thing and you should adopt whatever grip or hold on the putter that makes you feel comfortable and confident with, however, whatever grip you do adopt you need to not hinder your left hand’s action in the stroke.

The putter shaft should run up the lifeline of your left hand, this will keep the club face square and also give you better club face control, but you must get your fingers onto the grip in some shape or form, using your right-hand forefinger down the back of the putter grip will greatly increase feel but do not try and ‘steer’ the putt by using the forefinger method.

Picking your line or spot and commit to it

I watch so many amateur golfers stare at putts, stalk the putts and play every putt in every round of golf as if they are putting out for a major golf title, by doing this you are just filling your brain up with too much overload and subconsciously talking yourself out of the putt before you have even stood over the golf ball!


In order of approach I recommend the following to give you a quick guide on how to go through a set routine over every putt bearing in mind you have 40 seconds to complete the routine:

1. Make your assessment on the break and line of the putt

2. Have a quick look from the other side of the hole to confirm your reading

3. Feel with your feet whether the terrain is indicating slope etc

4. Pick a spot along the line of break and set yourself up to that spot

5. Have a couple of practice strokes looking at the hole this will give you a sense of feel for the distance of the putt, pace of the putt and line of the putt – but don’t look at the golf ball when doing so

6. Finally, trust your judgement and assessment of the pending putt, don’t get too tense and just roll the putt without too many mind thoughts

Golf Tips for Putting - Putter and Golf Ball

Another thing I use in my game is to try and visually imagine the ball dropping into the hole, by doing this I have taken away all of my other thoughts and told my brain what I want to see, if you don’t believe that your mind can play such a major role then you must read one of Bob Rotella’s books about the mental part of your game – the books he has written are as important as the golf clubs you purchase every year so a must read – CLICK HERE to read my article on Bob.

Happy putting!

I hope that this article golf tips for putting were of use to your game and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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