Golf Tips for Driving

Golf Tips for Driving

Whether we like it or not if you don’t get consistently off of the tee when playing a round of golf you can get into so much trouble with wayward and inaccurate tee shots, this article golf tips for driving will hopefully give you a little help and insight into getting better drives down the fairway.


The Backswing

The major flaw that the majority of amateur golfers do is that they over swing the club too much, all you have to do is watch Jon Rahm the Spaniard on the US PGA Tour to know that a shortened backswing does not inhibit your distance, he frequently smashes drives over the 350 yard mark with a restricted ¾ golf swing. Golf Tips for Driving - 45 degree angle with arms

So I always instruct golfers to feel where they take their back swing to, this would be at the point that you need to break your wrists and start pointing the club at the target over your shoulder, so only take the swing to where the club is pointing nearly enough vertical and then start to make your downswing, if you can shorten your back swing not only will you make better contact with the golf ball but will also hit the golf ball further with more accuracy.

Tee height for teeing the golf ball up

So many amateur golfers feel that they need to tee the golf ball up high so they can always hit the golf ball and not behind the golf ball and hit the ground, when in fact if you tee the ball lower so the golf ball makes impact just above the sweet spot on the driver you can gain much better accuracy and distance because you are hitting the sweet spot.

I watch so many golfers practicing at the golf range and they are 90% of the time using really high golf tees instead of lower tees, so next time you are at the golf driving range practicing start using a lower tee so you get used to teeing the golf ball lower and getting the feel of actually hitting the golf ball from the sweet spot – if you want good distance and accurate drives then this golf tip is a must for any aspiring golfer. 

Ball positioning in your stance

The majority of golfers have always had driven into them that they need to have the golf ball right off the front foot when driving, this can be the case when you want to play certain shots, but don’t get caught up thinking that the golf ball needs to be in the same spot for every drive that you make:

1. Tee the ball up in front of your leading foot to hit a big power fade or cut

2. Tee the ball up well inside your stance nearer the middle of your stance if you want to hit a power drawer

By adopting these little changes in your stance set up coupled with tee height will start giving you the shots that you need when out on the golf course, if you are on a dog leg left to right then you will need a nice cut or fade, if you have a dog leg right to left then you will need to be able to draw the golf ball.

Using the tee box to your advantage

99% of golfers will always go to the nearest point between the tees of the day because that’s what they think they have to, in fact you can go a full two clubs lengths behind the tee markers so that gives you a pretty sizeable teeing area to pick from, you can find the flattest and best part of the tee to make your tee shot – use this rule to your advantage even when you are playing par 3’s so you can either hit a shorter or longer club that suits the distance. Golf Tips for Driving - Tee Box


Also in the teeing area use this tip as well:

1. If you want to hit a fade or a cut then use the right side of the tee box, by doing this it gives you a much better margin of error and making sure your tee shots ends up on the fairway.

2. If you want to hit a draw then use the left side of the teeing area, this works in exactly the same way as it gives you a better margin for error, starting the golf ball down the right side of the fairway and bringing the ball round to land on the left-hand side of the fairway.

By using the teeing area, shortening your backswing, teeing the golf ball up at different heights and get the ball positioned in different spots in your stance will eventually start giving you a lot more consistency with your golf driver tee shots – all of these tips need to be worked on when you are next practising on the driving range to ingrain them into your golf game, but once you have mastered them all together you will definitely start seeing an improvement off of the tee.

I hope that this article golf tips for driving were of use to your golf game and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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