Golf Lessons v New Equipment

Golf Lessons v New Equipment

In this article, I am going to look at Golf Lessons v New Equipment, the dilemma most senior golfers have is do they invest in a series of golf lessons or just go and buy the latest new equipment to try and improve their game of golf? Golf Lessons v New Equipment - golfer teeing off

I work in a pro shop and every day I get senior golfers coming in and asking for the newest, the latest and the best equipment to improve their game, what I tend to do is ask them to take a back step for a minute and ask them what they would like from their game:

• Do they want to lower their handicap
• Do they want to improve their golf game
• Have they got any short or long term goals regarding their game
• How regularly do they play
• Do they play in regular golf club competitions
• And what part of their game needs looking at or would like to improve on

If they can give me at least some responses regarding the above I can then make an honest and truthful recommendation on the best way forward, sometimes buying the latest and newest technology in golf equipment WILL NOT improve their game and possibly make their rounds of golf more frustrating, so the question is does a senior golfer invest in new equipment or book a set of lessons, I would always recommend a mixture of the two if I have had my questions answered honestly by the golfer.

To give you an example the golfer in question might be an 18 handicap golfer currently, so I would then set out the above questions once again and ask what sort of handicap do they want to get to? If they say my short term goal would be to get down to a 14 handicap, so without knowing the golfers game intimately I would then ask what part of their game do they feel that is letting them down:

• Is it off of the tee
• Is it their mid to short game – say 100 yards out from the green
• Is their bunker play up to their liking
• What is their putting like

By doing this I am drilling down to find out the issue with their game, and not agreeing with them why they want to buy the latest £400 pound driver to gain a few yards off of the tee when really they should be investing in a lob wedge, possibly a putter or say a sand iron. So before they walk out of the golf pro shop they are starting to think that maybe they should consider lessons versus buying new golf equipment.

Golf Lessons v New Equipment - The Complete Grip

I always ask as well have they ever analysed their score card at the end of each round so they can hone in on the problem? If the answer is no I always encourage them to do so in the future so they can see where they are losing or dropping shots throughout their round of golf:

• How many putts they had per round
• How many fairways they hit during their round
• How many greens in regulation did they hit during their round
• How many shots were saved or lost when playing bunker shots
• How were their mid iron shots into the green

Now you can see we are getting to a pattern here by really looking into and analysing their golf game, because once you do this you can then honestly recommend golf equipment that they need and will definitely improve their handicap and their game.

Now the reason I have put this article together is that a good golf pro will ask you all of these questions because their objective is to improve your game not to make it worse, so if you are making progress then and improving then you are more likely to recommend the golf pro to your friends, work colleagues and also family, so it’s a win-win situation for you and the golf pro.

But I must stress if you are going down the golf lesson route with a local golf professional you need to ensure that they are going to improve your game not to make it worse, so you need to have many questions on how they feel that they can help you and improve your game of golf.

The cost of a good driver can set you back a lot of money as a load of golf lessons will do so too, so my recommendation would be to book in a half hour fact-finding assessment with your golf professional, you can then base your decision on having lessons on how you feel about the golf pro, because it’s all about the golf pro understanding and also recommending areas of your golf game that needs to be worked on.

So my recommendation would be:

• Stick with your current equipment
• Book in a half hour assessment with your local golf pro
• Work out if they are the person to improve your game
• Discuss time frame and also budgets to help you reach your short-term goals
• Then move forward with your decision

Me personally I would have at least two lessons working with your current equipment then once you have had your golf swing, stance, posture, weight transferring and grip looked at you can then make a truly informed decision on moving forward with new equipment, your current golf clubs have got you to a certain standard the next step is to look at what clubs suit your game to get to the next level. Then once you have reached your short or long term goals your local pro can and will recommend golf equipment that suits your game because they will then have an intimate knowledge of your golf game. Golf Lessons v New Equipment - Driver Head

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article Golf Lessons v New Equipment please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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  1. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for the feedback, please let me know how it goes on the range when you next practice, I have always believed in keeping the golf swing simple.

    Keep in touch.

    Michael Baker
    Bogeys to Birdies

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the feedback and comments I’m so glad that your ball striking has improved, if you have any other feedback please let me know.

    Michael Baker
    Bogeys to Birdies

  3. Richard says:

    Yes I agree I’m at present undertaking a series of lessons it’s improved my ball striking 10 fold good article keep them coming thanks Richard

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