Golf Lessons for Senior Golfers

Golf Lessons for Senior Golfers

If you have been thinking of taking up golf into your senior years golf lessons for senior golfers might be the answer – that’s if you really want to I improve your game or just play golf for the social aspect – many senior golfers have that dilemma do they stick with their current golf game or improve on their current golf game?

The main problem we all find is that do we really feel that “golf lessons will improve my game” plus how do you find a golf pro who is going to give you sound golf advice and help to enhance your game.

There are many senior golfers who swear by having personal golf lessons to improve their game, but they maintain that you must find a golf pro who is going to work with you on your current capability instead of choosing a golf pro who will pull your game apart and start you off from scratch, starting with changing everything from your golf grip to your back swing, this is not a good idea!

What you need to do initially is to have a free 30 minute assessment with your local golf pro first, discuss your short and long term goals and expectations of your golf game and then discuss a time frame on how long and how much is it going to cost you, without a long term plan a golf pro will just keep getting you back for more lessons and possibly your game will not be improving.

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If you regularly play with the same senior golfers or buddies and you may have one of your regular mates who are decent golfers, they should be your first port of call about seeking lessons with a golf pro to improve your game, they might have improved their game because of regular golf lessons or might just be golfers who like to practice and have improved their game purely on their own, so seek advice from your golfing buddies or mates and move forward from there.

However some senior golfers get too embarrassed to ask their golfing friends advice about their game, so if you are one of those then seek the advice of your local golf pro whether it be a golf course or driving range, but please be sure that you can trust your chosen route of selecting a golfing coach, lessons are not cheap so you need to make sure you make a good choice of prospective golf coach – this could be either by a recommendation or referral from a friend or a work colleague.

A good golf coach will listen to your aims and goals about improving your golf game, they will also want to build on your strong points or areas of your game and then focus more time on your weaknesses, plus they will also have a fixed time frame on what goals are to be reached by when and plan your lessons accordingly to suit your objectives.

Remember though it is professional golf pro’s job to make sure that they coach you correctly and have taken, studied to done a golfing apprenticeship with a reputable golfing association or golf course, doing some online research and fact finding will help you make an informed decision before you commit to any golfing instruction lessons.

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Finally, golf lessons for senior golfers are great for some aspiring golfers but they are not for everybody, because a lot of the time it is purely down to more practice when you are not playing golf, but practicing the same old mistakes will only make the matter worse so I always maintain a practice session at the golf range should be used to enhance your golf game not just to ‘bomb’ drivers as far as you can hit them – I put together an early article about using the golf range to your advantage – CLICK HERE to read the article.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article golf lessons for senior golfers please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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