Golf insurance reviews

It’s one of those things do I or don’t I need golf insurance? In this article we are going to look at golf insurance reviews and pick out the good and the bad about whether or not you need golf insurance? Golf insurance reviews - Golf Ball breaking window

Most golfers just assume that personal golf insurance is all about protecting your golf equipment against theft or damage but that is not the case with golf insurance providers, they also include such things as protection about getting a hole in one and covers a value to a possible large bar bill for the drinks all round back at the clubhouse, or it could cover you if you hit a wayward tee shot and unintentionally your golf ball hits another golfer on the golf course and maybe puts that fellow golfer in hospital! 

Golf insurance reviews

But don’t get alarmed this article is about making you aware of what can happen and you being prepared if it does, for instance, Golf Care the leading golf insurance company on the market offers all of this in their golf insurance packages:

Best golf insurance review

1. The value of your golf equipment – new for old

Add up the total cost of all your golf gear and choose a policy that covers your gear up to that value. With Golf Care you can cover golf gear starting from up to £1,250 in value, all the way up to £5,000 in value. Not all insurance companies will replace your golf gear on a New-for-Old basis. With Golf Care if any of your gear (up to 3 years old) is stolen, lost or damaged, they’ll replace it with a completely new one.

Golf insurance reviews

2. Hole in One cover

Whilst all golfers want the acclaim that comes with landing a hole-in-one, no-one wants to get stung with the huge bar bill afterwards. With Golf Care insurance they’ll reimburse the cost of the drinks bar bill up to £200 if you do strike lucky, which they’re sure you’ll agree would make hitting a hole-in-one all the more enjoyable.

3. Playing golf overseas

If you’re jetting off to the Algarve for a golfing holiday or planning on squeezing in a few rounds on your family getaway, then you’ll need to be covered abroad. The good news is that with Gold and Platinum Golf Care policies, European and Worldwide cover is included. Alternatively, you can add it as an optional extra to all policies for just £10 per year.

4. Home insurance doesn’t always cover your golf clubs

Unless you’ve added ‘away from home cover’ to your home insurance, your golf equipment won’t be covered if it’s stolen, lost or damaged whilst out of the house. And that’s not forgetting specialist golf insurance also comes with lots of bespoke extras that golfers need, including Public Liability cover

Golf insurance reviews

5. Policy excesses

Not everyone reads the small print on insurance documents and that can catch us out when it comes to claims. With Golf Care they’ve made sure their excesses are minimal and even better they also offer the option to waive the excess for the small price of just £6 per year.

Another added benefit of taking up golf insurance cover with Golf Care is that they also include some free golf thrown in once you take up a policy with them – One of the best perks of taking out insurance with Golf Care is that they treat you to 3 completely free rounds of golf worth up to £360 at over 40 superb golf courses across the UK when you take out a policy.

Golf insurance reviews

As a customer, your free golf vouchers will be available to use as soon as you buy a policy with them. The only thing you need to do is decide which course you’d like to play first.
Golf Care is the main provider for the majority of golfers in the UK and we at Bogeys to Birdies would highly recommend getting a quote from Golf Care for that added peace of mind whenever you are playing this great game of golf.

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  1. Hi Richard,

    So glad that you enjoyed the article about golf insurance reviews, so many golfers over look this part of the game even though it is so important for every golfer.

    Bogeys to Birdies

  2. Richard says:

    I never thought much about golf insurance but now I’m going right out to get some – great review

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