Golf Instruction for Seniors

Golf Instruction for Seniors

In this video Golf Tips for Seniors, I am going to give some Golf Instruction for Seniors that will benefit the older golfer, from taking the club back along the line to creating a solid 45-degree angle in your swing – this will help you unleash some great power to enhance your game.

With so many variables to take into account for golf instructions for the senior golfer, we have to look at our physical attributes, our age, our capabilities and the time we spend playing the game of golf. Here I have created a video to get the most out of your game and unleash some extra power and yards on the golf course – an easy to follow video tutorial.

I would recommend watching the Golf Tips for Seniors golf tutorial first because then all of the content below will make more sense and you will grasp it quicker, so I would strongly recommend watching the video first and then piece it all together bit by bit, once you have watched it a couple of times it will certainly come together and be easier to grasp. And if you want to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be kept informed and updated on other golf video tutorials I will be recording in the future, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I also have a regular newsletter update if you are interested in that as well, a pop-up should appear on this page randomly, so all you need to do it add in your email address to become a part of my mailing list.

Enjoy the video tutorial and happy golfing!

So now you have watched the video a couple of times reading this content will bring it all together, once you can replicate this drill and master the technique, you will no longer get that feeling of having to wrap the club around you and make an almighty swing to generate power – and you will have your friends drooling with envy if you can take on board these effective golf tips.

I have broken this content down into sections, this will allow you to fully understand each section of the drill, and once you have mastered each drill it’s time to move onto the next one, so here we go let’s get on with each section starting off with the takeaway of the golf club.

Along the Line

What I mean by along the line is purely about taking the club back from the address position, and keeping the club as close to the ground as possible until you feel that you have to start raising the club, this will help you from lifting the club up too steep too early and in turn will create a much better arc for the club to travel on.

This type of drill will eventually create a muscle movement that you are comfortable with, then when you have that solid takeaway on the correct plane path to your golf swing, it is like all new things, once you feel comfortable with them it will seem like the most natural thing to do with regular practice.

In the video I have used a tee peg for an example, place this about 18 inches behind the ball and start practicing taking the club back along the line as I call it, once you feel comfortable with this drill you are then building the base of a solid takeaway of the golf club.

Once you feel that you fully understand this section and have drilled this technique into your muscle memory it’s time to move onto the next section, this next section is all about the width of the swing.

Width of Your Swing

This drill even used on its own will see you start understanding and practicing keeping your hands at an equal distance apart from your chin if you feel that you are swing too upright you will start to see that your hands are getting too close to your chin.

So what we want to do is consciously do is to always keep thinking about your wrists and chin being of equal distance, this drill when preparing for your next shot will definitely enhance your game, coupled with taking the club along the line and creating that nice arc along with keeping that chin and wrist distance ratio – you will immediately start seeing great results.

This is a drill that can easily be practiced at home or in your garden, start off by doing it with one arm, ideally your left arm and keeping that chin to wrist distance ratio, then once you are starting to feel comfortable with the drill place your left hand on the club and continue practicing – keeping that distance between chin and wrists may feel alien to you initially but you will start to reap the rewards with regular practice drills.

Thumb Pointing at Your Ear

Another point I would like to highlight is when looking at your backswing, at the top of the swing is trying to keep your thumb of your right hand pointing at your right ear, in this video I haven’t really spoke about it but you can clearly see when watching the video I am doing this.

This is one of those drills you see many golfers using when practicing on the range, but I bet you that if you asked the majority of them what they are doing, the answer would be ‘I am looking at where my swing is’! – this particular drill re-enforces that you have your swing in the correct position at the top your back swing when you are breaking your wrists to create more power.

As I mentioned above, I omitted from mentioning this in the video, but it is clearly evident that using this drill as a guideline to ensure that your backswing is in the correct position at the top of the backswing is a nice little indicator that you can take on the golf course or the golf driving range.

This drill will be a lot clearer if you did it with your right hand on the club and take the club back with one arm instead of two as illustrated in the image. Getting the thumb of your right hand pointing at your right ear will indicate two things a) Your swing is in the correct position and b) This is the ideal point of your backswing where you don’t want to take the club back any further, so that would at the top of your backswing before you release the golf club for your down swing.

Now bringing the three previous drills together will almost certainly unleash more power in your swing that you never thought imaginable, these tips once mastered and practiced will see you shooting much better scores and also increase your shot accuracy.

Creating that 45 Degree Angle with your left arm and golf club


Golf Instruction for Seniors - Hand on Golf GripGolf Instruction for Seniors - Hand on Golf GripGolf Instruction for Seniors - Hand on Golf Grip

Now the secret of hidden power that can be gained from adapting the 45-degree angle with your left arm, this type of power is called ‘Lag’ in the professional golf ranks and the likes of Sergio Garcia and Henrik Stenson use this method to create fantastic lag and power! Henrik Stenson hardly ever hits more than a three wood off of the tee because he generates so much power with this adapted method – when you get the opportunity go and have a look at both of their swings and watch it in slow motion, you will then fully understand the fantastic advantages of this drill.

You will see on the video that once I have created that 45 degree angle between my left arm and golf club, if I hold that position past the ball I will start to lose my balance, so you need to practice holding that 45 degrees angle when practicing on the range, then adapt the method of the drill prior to every shot out on the golf course.

In the video you will hear that I say a few times about holding that 45 degree angle and keeping holding it, because once you have mastered this drill you will know when the time is right to release the club which I have also highlighted and mentioned in the video – holding that 45 degree angle as long as possible will ensure that you generate maximum power with an effortless swing and also ensure that you hit the ball once your hands have gone past the ball.

This drill will ensure that you gain distance, power, lovely divots and a lovely follow through.

Chest to the Target

Now the easy bit! I hear you saying the ‘easy’ bit, no seriously this is the bit that will fall into place because of the power and torque in your swing, now with all of that torque unleashed you will automatically create a much better follow through for the end of your golf swing.

So to re-cap on this golf tutorial ‘Golf Tips for Seniors’ the key is bringing them all together:

  1. Take the club along the line, keeping the club as close to the ground as you can until you feel that you need to start raising the club, this will create a great start to the golf swing and also generate a good ‘arc’ for your golf swing.
  2. The width of your golf swing, keeping your chin and hands at the same distance throughout the backswing and follow through, so you need to work on that little drill and be conscious of the distance, this method will definitely enhance your golf swing.
  3. When at the top your backswing have a little look, this is a drill you need to practice on the golf range then you will easily be able to take this simple method out onto the golf course with you, it’s a nice little indicator that quickly tells you that your backswing is on the correct plane.
  4. Now for the power bit and where you will generate the torque to really improve your game. Getting that 45 degree angle with your left arm and golf club, then holding that shape as long as you can before you start to feel unbalanced, this is when your instinct will tell you to unleash your golf swing, when you practice this drill you will physically feel the force and power that is being generated, that is the point you ‘let the club go’ and unleash the power!
  5. During my golfing career, I have discussed with many golf coaches about the necessity of having your back to the target at the top of your golf swing and your chest pointing at the target when you have completed your follow through – with this or any other method you need to always ensure that this occurs during the golf swing, you will see on this video I do this at the top of the back swing and the follow through.

Believe me, when you have mastered these drills and brought them all together you will feel and see the difference, it is not going to happen overnight but breaking each drill down and adapting each one separately, then ultimately bringing them all together will enhance and improve your game of golf.

Lastly, I wrote an article a few months ago about a training aid I came across in a golf shop, it is training aid for a correct grip, it is a great warm up exercise training aid and also nicely weighted to ensure that you swing your golf club on the correct plane, it is more than likely the weight of approx. 2 or 3 golf clubs combined, so not too heavy but enough weight to groove your swing into place.

Here is a video review I did on the training aid:

Here is the link to the article – CLICK HERE to training aid article.

This training aid can be purchased at most golf retailers or golf professional shops but just in case you cannot locate or find the golf training aid I am referring to I have also included a link to it online – CLICK HERE for more information on the training aid., it is relatively cheap once you do find one, I paid approx. £12 UK Pounds for my training aid, that is approx. $17 US Dollars, well worth a look to find out more and how it can improve your game.

That brings this golf tutorial to a close on Golf Tips for Seniors, and as always if you have any comments regarding this article please leave them in the comments section below, or alternatively, if you have any suggestions on future videos you would like me to create please drop me a message in the comments section below also.

Have a great day and happy golfing.



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  1. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Coughlan, thank you for your comments on golf tips for seniors, I am glad that you found this website useful to improve your game. Keep in touch. regards, Michael

  2. Michael Baker says:

    Hi There, thanks for the comments on golf tips for seniors, and I am glad you found some of the drills useful. Keep in touch. regards, Michael

  3. npern says:

    Hi Michael,
    Those are great tips that you point out. I used to be a “power” golfer if you will. I always tried to destroy the ball but I’ve learned to ease up on the swing and it definitely helps out other issues, such as direction and control. The drills you suggest are great! I’ll have to try out a couple of them. Nice article!

  4. coughlanmaureen says:

    This is a great website on golf!
    I don’t play golf myself however I do enjoy watching other people play especially the professionals.
    It’s a great way to keep fit without being too streneous. After watching your videos and reading this article I am seriously considering getting some lessons and taking up golf.
    This website is a great resource for golfers who wish to improve their game!

  5. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Chuka, thank you for your comments and feedback, so glad the tips are of help to you. Keep in touch. Regards, Michael

  6. Chuka says:

    Hi Michael, I’ve always been an armchair golfer, never held a club before! Your instructions are quite detailed and broken down in sizeable chunks. I particularly liked the videos on your site because being visual, I like to see things. The videos helped me to understand various things you were describing.

  7. Michael Baker says:

    Hi JP, thanks for your comments and glad that you enjoyed the golfing tips for seniors. Regards, Michael

  8. JP says:

    These are some really good tips. So i Haven’t played a lot of golf in my day, but I do know that it’s a very difficult and technical sport, and that without the right guidance and direction, it’s difficult to hit the ball where you want it to go. Keep it up on the posts and in helping everybody know a thing or two about golf!

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