Golf Etiquette

Not being called through when group ahead is slow

Golf Etiquette – For all of you golfers who don’t really understand this one, its quite simple, if you are slow and there is a log jam behind you call the groups through, you might be having a ball taking 15 shots per hole but the golfers behind you are having a mare of a round because of YOU. To recap how it works in terms of group sizes out on the golf course – this basically means that the pro shop has sent out groups of either a one ball single player through to a four ball which is four players.

Basically a person playing on their own means that a) That they are either just out practising or b) have no mates, so a one ball has no standing on any golf course so if you don’t want to let them through then don’t feel obligated to do so. However, a two-ball has the most right of way on a golf course, they could be in a singles club match so a two ball is deemed to have the highest priority on a golf course, so keep an eye out behind you and show some etiquette and let them through, you will feel less pressured and they will appreciate your gesture.

As far as a three-ball or four ball goes, in theory, they should be as slow as you are so this goes down to you as a player making a judgement call on waving them through – if in doubt, the best signs are that if the players behind you are making gestures about speeding up I would recommend letting them through, you can normally tell by these gestures because steam is normally coming out of the ears at the same time!!

Golf Etiquette

Golfers playing the wrong ball

You are playing in the club championships, you are on the 18th hole, you have hit the perfect tee shot down the middle of the fairway and when you get to where your ball should be it has now changed to a completely different brand, different number on it, markings are not like yours etc etc – I think you are getting the picture – you then have to track down the players who are playing on the next fairway to find out who played your ball so they can replace in its original spot, because you cannot just play their ball which they have abandoned for your lovely looking new ball, no never that simple is it!! If you don’t get your ball back you are faced with putting in an NSR ( No Score returned ) and you were only a couple over par on the last hole of the championships.

This is to the extreme but I need to make the point, if you cannot correctly identify a ball as your own then don’t play it, don’t pick it up and think I have just acquired a nice new ball – it’s not yours so leave it for the correct owner!

Being attired correctly

Now this is not a tough one to get your head around, wear a golf shirt with a collar that has got enough length to be able to tuck it into your trousers or shorts – simple has it seems but I can be on a golf course and see other golfers looking like they should be on a beach, if you want to wear board shorts and sleeveless shirts then get down to Spain and frolic on the beach, not on a golf course.

Golf Etiquette

This means shirts with collars, tailored trousers or shorts, correct socks if wearing shorts and proper golf shoes – simple yeah? No its never that simple, I see golfers regularly wearing U2 or Rolling Stones T-shirts, board shorts as in surfers attire, socks that were last worn when they were 10 years old and good old trainers/running shoes – A BIG FAIL CHAPS – if you need a clue on how to dress on a golf course just look at every professional golf tournament on the TV, the professionals set the standards and if its good enough for them then its good enough for the rest of us.

I regularly read golfers reviews on their visits to other golf clubs and always read – I could not believe the members at that golf course they were really pompous because I was asked to tuck my shirt in by one of them – please refer back to paragraph about ‘frolic on a beach in Spain and not on a golf course’ for those who still don’t get the message!

Players walking over your putting line on the green

This generally doesn’t apply to actual members of a golf club because they have been pulled up over doing so in the past and tend not to do it club competitions. However, we have all been to other courses or playing in corporate days, you know the corporate days when the players only play once in a full moon and just don’t seem to get the fact that ‘your putting line’ is like the Holy Grail and is not to be trifled with – it’s a simple one to grasp, if your partners ball is 12 feet from the pin and the line between their ball and the hole is like the Demilitarised Zone, you do not enter that zone or line until after they have played their shot, if you do prepare yourself for some abuse, you may be offended but you have just broken a major golden rule of golf so be warned!

Players who cannot seem to be able to add up correctly

I have saved this one till last because its one of those unspoken things in golf that another player or member is a cheat because he told me he had a five on a par four and I actually added it up and it was definitely a seven! I would like to add for the record books that ‘cheats never prosper’ and that is so true in golf, what that means is that when the club competition sheets are displayed on the club notice board for entries, it’s the same players who never seem to have any takers who want to play with them in the club competitions or in fact anytime.

So to all those golfers who have actually signed for a wrong score or entered a wrong score ‘you are only cheating yourself’ – it is so much more rewarding to win a competition on your own merit than having to cheat to win one – I rest my case! Enjoy this beautiful game and take the ups and the downs, even the pro’s cant win week in week out , it’s a proven fact that professional golfers win 80% of their winnings from 20% of the tournaments they have entered and they are the best in the world, so when week in week out the same old players post the same ridiculous scores under par for their handicap they are either on a good run or you smell a rat!

Golf Etiquette

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