Golf Chipping Technique

Golf Chipping Technique

Recently I have been spending a bit of time with a golfing friend who is keen to get his handicap into single figures for this coming season, recently we spent a few hours looking at his golf chipping technique around the putting green to help him on his way to achieving single figure status with good golf chipping drills.

Weight on his front foot

To get the change underway I had to alter his set up which meant putting more weight onto his front foot or leading leg (he is a right-handed golfer so on his left foot), to do this I made him place a golf ball under his back foot (his right foot) which made him feel like he had all of his weight on the front foot, once he got the feel of this we removed the golf ball and moved onto the next stage after he felt comfortable with knowing all of his weight was on the front foot.

Golf Chipping Technique - Golf Ball under right foot

Chipping technique around the green

In this second stage I only wanted him to practice making good contact with the golf ball by either using his Sand Iron (56 Degrees), his Lob Wedge (50 Degrees) or his Pitching Wedge (46 Degrees), during this stage I was not concerned where the golf ball was going I just wanted him to get the feel and the sound of the golf ball coming off of the golf club with a nice solid stroke and sound, this will then ingrain into him the feel of the nice ball contact and the new stance he was using.

By using either the sand Iron, Lob Wedge or Pitching Wedge and using the same routine all it determines is what sort of height or trajectory the golf ball was going to come off the golf club, the higher the degree of loft of the wedge meant it was going to come off higher and hit the green with some stop on the ball, with the lower degree wedge the golf ball was going to come off lower with more top spin so in essence the ball would hit the green and the ball rolls out towards the hole.

Reading a golf chip in two stages

My last point of call was to get my fellow golfing friend to break the chip into two parts, the first part is to read what he thought the golf ball would do when the ball hit the green, so in essence he needed to work out where to chip the ball to so the second part of the chip sort of turned into a rolling putt – hope that makes sense!

So he needed to work out where to land the ball taking into account whether the green sloped upwards, downwards, sideways or whatever way the green sloped and then aim for that point and also taking into account the way he read the putt.

By doing this all in one motion technique all of a sudden gave him a clearer mental picture of what needed to be done when executing the chip shot – here is a video I put together a while back about the method that I drilled into him – this short video should shed more light on all of what I have written about golf chipping techniques.

Swing your arms as if you were hitting a putt

I have always used this method because you have less moving parts to worry about when chipping this way, put all of your weight on your leading leg, using your choice of wedge to execute the shot that you picture will work for the shot and the conditions, work out the landing point on the green and let the shot go, be positive and don’t quit on the shot, don’t try and be too cute with the shot if anything you should always try and hit the shot past the hole so you don’t hit fat or thin shots.

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I hope that this article has been useful to help with your golf chipping technique, if you have any questions regarding this technique please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.
Michael Baker
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