Golf Balls Seniors

Golf Balls Seniors

This is always a big question I get asked is what are the best golf balls for a senior golfer to adopt for their game, in this article golf balls seniors I want to highlight a few points to look out for when you are next purchasing some new golf balls.

For the majority of senior golfers they seem to just use either what they have found on a golf course or purchased golf balls because they were cheap, this can suit a lot of seniors golf game if all you want to do is play a round of golf regardless of the score and are just out on the golf course for some fresh air and exercise. Golf Balls Seniors - Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls


However, for the many senior golfers out there who want to improve their game and improve their golf scores then you definitely need to look at purchasing golf balls that suit your game and also swing/club head speed, plus you need to look at a golf ball that will give you the distance you require plus the feel around the green when chipping or putting.

So when you are next looking to buy golf balls you need to look for the following:

1. Best golf ball that compresses for your swing and club head speed, this will give you the distance you need because the golf ball is actually compressing when you strike the golf ball

2. A durable golf ball that is going to last not just one round but for many, so the golf ball you need to look at is a durable golf ball that doesn’t scuff up whenever you play a bunker shot for instance

3. A golf ball that is going to give you either a high or low ball flight that suits your swing

4. A golf ball that is going to give you the feel and action you require from the 100 yards in marker

5. A golf ball that is going to give you the feel around the greens that is good for chipping and putting

6. A golf ball that you like the look of, I don’t care what people say but if you put a golf ball in front of you then you need to like the look of it, that mind sound weird to some golfers but it’s a fact – it needs to look pleasing to the eye

7. And lastly a golf ball that provides all of the above and also your budget which is the most important, you don’t want to be standing over a golf ball thinking “Oh my god I don’t want to lose this one because it cost me X”, so your budget is a major factor because your you don’t want to be playing mind games worrying about the cost of your golf balls

Once you have gone through the above selection process you need to commit to playing with the selected golf balls for the main summer warmer months and stick with them, changing golf balls all of the time is not a good idea.

So what do I recommend for the serious and committed senior golfer, you could either go for a Callaway SuperSoft or Callaway Chrome Soft, similar balls but different in pricing, the SuperSoft is more affordable but the Callaway Chrome Soft is going to give you a decent ‘tour’ price golf ball without spending a fortune in doing so.


I have just finished my third round of golf with a Callaway Chrome Soft and it looks as good as when I first bought it, so if you want a golf ball that looks great and is durable then look no further that the Chrome Soft Golf Ball by Callaway.

If you want to buy some Callaway Chrome Soft CLICK HERE for Amazon or if you fancy some Callaway SuperSoft then CLICK HERE to buy on Amazon.

Here is a recent article about the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball – CLICK HERE to read the article.

I hope that this golf balls seniors article was useful for when you next purchase golf balls for your game if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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