Golf Ball Markers

Many different things are written and mentioned about what the best golf ball markers are when playing a round of golf?

A lot of golfers including the professional elite on tour like to use personal items, Ian Poulter famously mislaid his marker when it fell out of his pocket in the rough, an eagle-eyed spectator saw it and saved the day, apparently, Mr Poulter’s ball marker was worth an incredible $25,000 USD! A diamond encrusted ball marker! Now I am not saying go buy yourself one of this calibre and cost, but merely making mention of what golfers use for marking their ball. The majority of normal golfers use a coin of some description.

However, before I go into what the best ball markers are for marking your ball on the putting green, I thought I would give a golfing tip on the best way to mark your golf ball.

Many golfers are confused about where to mark the ball with the marker, over my playing career I have seen golf balls being marked on all sides of the ball, but there is only one correct way of doing this in the rules of golf, that being directly behind the ball, so you must stand behind the ball with the hole directly in line with ball and place your ball marker down before picking it up to clean it ready to putt.

Golf Ball Marker behind the ball

Now to complicate matters even further, if your marker is directly in the line of a playing partner putting line they are entitled to ask you to move your marker whilst they make their putt, your playing partner can nominate which direction they want you to move the marker. Now the best way to do this is to use your putter head, place the heel of the putter next to your marker and point the toe of the putter at an object on or off the green and move the ball marker a putter head in distance from the heel to the toe of the club and place it down temporarily. However, when your playing partner has played their shot you must return the marker to its original spot before you can make your putt.

You must return the marker to its original spot by reversing the initial process of placing using the heel and the toe of the putter, by placing the ball back behind the heel of the putter. Failing to do this you will incur a penalty dependent on whether you are playing in a club competition or not. If it’s a friendly game it all depends on the importance of your game and whether or not your playing partner ‘turns a blind eye’, but one to keep a tab on and not to forget to replace your ball marker back to its original spot.

Remarking the golf ball on the putting surface

Now that we have that little golfing/putting tip out of the way, we can now highlight the best choices of ball marker for your use in your game of golf. As I mentioned earlier the majority of golfers tend to use a coin like a US Dime, US Quarter, A Penny or any coin from your country of origin. The only thing that I would suggest and recommend would be that the coin is pretty small in diameter and preferably a thin one, I say this one just in case a playing partners ball strikes your marker and being thin doesn’t make it veer off in another direction!

I have seen some players using casino chips, glove magnetic golf ball markers, baseball cap golf ball markers. So the key is to use about an inch or slighter smaller in diameter/circular and not too thick so if a playing partners ball rolls over it doesn’t make the ball go too far offline. So there you have my little post on golf ball markers, and as per with any other of my articles or posts if you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a message or comment in the box below?

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  2. Richard Simkin says:

    I am one of those golfers that do not even think of this when I play golf I just use an old coin that I have readily available in my pocket but will take all of this on board next time!

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