Garmin Watch Reviews

Garmin Watch Reviews

The dilemma that most golfers have when deciding on distance accessories for golf is which one to choose for their game, this article Garmin Watch Reviews will hopefully answer some of those questions about which one is for you.

Garmin Watch Reviews - Garmin S20

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Last week I played a round of golf and put the Garmin Approach S20 GPS watch to the test, me being a senior golfer who does not like wearing a watch when playing golf was pleasantly surprised about wearing a watch whilst playing especially with the sleek looking Garmin S20, it didn’t interfere with my golf as I had previously thought! 

Before you rush out and buy any golf distance finder you really need to know what you want out of it, is it:

1. Distance to the middle of the green

2. Hazards on the hole

3. Pin positions

4. Carry distances

5. Golf courses already loaded on the device

6. Durability

The list could be endless but the above really highlights what basic functions you will need for your new acquisition, so in this article/review I want to cover off what I would look for and hopefully that will help you in making your decision when looking to purchase a golf distance accessory.

Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Watch Reviews - S20 watch

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Garmin Approach S20 is the golfing accessory that doubles as an everyday watch. Stylish, sleek and lightweight, this versatile GPS device features more than 40,000 courses plus automatic map updates, daily activity tracking and smart notifications to connect with your healthy lifestyle. On the course, you’ll see precise distances to the front, back and middle of the green, as well as hazards. Garmin Auto Shot game tracker measures your shot distances and auto-records them for review on your Garmin Connect account. In addition, receive smart notifications for calls, texts, emails and other alerts right on your wrist. 

• Get all information you need for your next shot from an easy to understand graphical user interface

• Auto Shot game tracker measures and auto-records shot distances and shot location

• Get better guidance during your approach with distances to hazards, doglegs and layups

• Course View feature automatically updates frequently played courses for free

• Combines sporty design with activity tracking and smart notifications

So, in short, this watch is very similar to the Apple watch but it really helps with your golf game if you are looking for that extra bit of technology to enhance your game of golf. To find information on this product visit Amazon with this link CLICK HERE.

I hope that this Garmin Watch Reviews was of use to your game and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

In a previous article, I compared the Garmin S20 to the Bushnell Range Finder – CLICK HERE to read more.


6 Responses

  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi There,

    Thanks for your feedback on the article Garmin Watch Reviews, great to know that you have found a golf bit of equipment that will enhance your game, let me know how it is going in the future once you have given it a few go’s? Keep in touch and thanks for the feedback on the article Garmin Watch Reviews.


    Michael – Bogeys to Birdies – Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer

  2. Amazon LaShaun says:

    Well, that is an amazing watch. I’m glad I was able to find a review of it from someone who actually used it.

    I also don’t like wearing a watch while golfing. I was a little skeptical as to whether or not I was going to get one.

    There are apps for cell phones that help with some of the things you mentioned but who wants to keep pulling their phone out? After reading your review, I can see this watch is exactly what I need.

  3. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your in depth comments regarding the article Garmin Watch Reviews, in answer to your question about the touring professionals – they can use them in practice rounds before a tournament but are not allowed to use them in actual tournament play, but you never know in future the USGA and the R and A might change that but at the moment they are allowed for practice rounds and amateurs can use them in all competitions.

    If you have any other feedback in future please let me know?

    Once again thanks for your comments on the article Garmin Watch Reviews.


    Michael – Bogeys to Birdies – Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer

  4. JeffWA says:


    It truly is amazing with how far modern technology has come, even in the last dozen years or so. I am familiar with Garmin watches through bicycling. What is offered by the Garmin Approach S20 watch as it relates to golf reveals the excellence that the company has been able to create in the design of their products.

    The watch’s ability to provide vital info to the golfer as far as distance to the hole, hazards, and can track and record all shots that you take during a round for future study is akin to what a model watch created by this company can do for bicyclists.

    It’s all about having the ability to improve regarding a person’s capabilities within a sport. Having a watch that can help a person during a round certainly would not be cheating regarding amateur play. I just wonder what about the pros out on tour?

    Perhaps Jordan Spieth could have used such a watch on the 13th hole in Sunday’s final British Open round when his tee shot veered so far off course, and onto the practice driving range.

    Initially, Spieth was going to grab the wrong club for a recovery shot, only his caddie informed Jordan that his yardage calculation, done in his head was quite off. Jordan, who finished with bogey on that hole when it could have been much worse, as I’m sure you know then went on to have a historic finish over the last 5 holes to capture his first career British Open title.

    Clicking on two of your links, I found out that the price for the Approach s20 at around 170 euros is quite in line with the amount that one would pay for a Garmin bicycle watch/computer.


  5. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Luis,

    Thanks for the feedback and comments about my Garmin Watch Reviews, let me know when you start playing golf and I may have some simple tips to get you going along the way of enjoying your golf, thanks for the feedback and comments and if you have any other feedback please let me know.


    Michael – Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer – Bogeys to Birdies

  6. Luis Rodriguez says:

    I am not a golf player, but it’s a sport that i follow, the garmin watch is an excellent accessory for golf players and now I know it. This distance accessory is amazing, i like the watch style of the Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch. I am sure that the day that I start to play golf physically I am sure I am to have one of this on my hands!!
    Thank you for your review
    It’s a great product!!

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