FootJoy Rain Gloves Reviews

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FootJoy Rain Gloves Reviews

I have always been one of those golfers that is not a ‘bad weather’ golfer until recently I tried using some rain golf gloves to play a round of golf with, in this article FootJoy Rain Gloves Reviews I’ll give you some honest feedback on golf equipment that I would have turned my nose up at until recently!

Me being an old fashioned purist of the game of golf not liking to play with brightly coloured golf balls, not using plastic golf tees and worst of all wearing a golf glove on each hand it was just unheard of on my part – until yesterday when I played with a pair of FootJoy rain gloves on because of the torrential rain, to tell you I was surprised would be an understatement. FootJoy Rain Gloves Reviews - Crispy old golf glove

Ever since I started playing golf I have always suffered from ‘sweaty’ hands especially in the warmer summer months, I would go through golf gloves because after I finished a round they were all wet or damp,I would throw them into my golf bag until the next round when they would then be all crispy and hard from the moisture drying out in them, so even if I just wore these FootJoy rain gloves in the warmer weather they would be a bonus because they just absorb all the moisture. 

However after playing a round of golf I had to play in because it was an annual event of which I was the previous winner I had to defend my title and worst of all had to play in torrential rain, so I had to be prepared with not only good rain gear clothing, golf bag rain cover and finally golf rain gloves which I reluctantly bought to wear for the day – wearing two gloves, never taking them off and putting with gloves on was a totally alien experience to me – how wrong was I? I didn’t win the event but it was great fun trying out the rain gloves!

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These FootJoy rain gloves reviews are: FootJoy Rain Gloves Reviews - Rain Glove Set

• Nice and comfortable to wear

• Fit nice and tight and also keep in the warmth

• The grip from the club on the clubs get better the wetter they get

• You can take them off and they do not feel wet 

• They do not need drying out after a round

• They can be worn in normal playing conditions or in the heat

• Would be great in humid conditions

From going from a totally anti rain glove golfer to a real believer I have to tell you they are well worth the investment and also pretty cheap considering you get two gloves ( one for each hand ) plus a bonus FootJoy towel to clip onto your golf bag – considering the overall cost that the average golfer spends on playing golf these FootJoy rain gloves get a 5 star rating and well worth having in your golf bag just in case of really warm weather if you tend to perspire a bit or inclement weather for the – FootJoy Rain Gloves 5 BIG STARS

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I hope that this article FootJoy rain glove reviews were enjoyable and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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