FootJoy Golf Shoes for Men

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FootJoy Golf Shoes for Men

If you are really serious about being comfortable whilst playing or practicing your golf then look no further than the range of FootJoy golf shoes for men, they come in an array of different designs and styles plus a price to suit all budgets, in this article I have personally chosen three FootJoy golf shoes that I believe give you a different choice dependent on your individual requirements. FootJoy Golf Shoes for Men - FootJoy HyperFlex

When it comes to golf shoes we as mere mortals of the game can purchase golf shoes just like the top players in the world wear, not like their golf equipment where it looks like you are buying what they play with but you are just getting the same logo of the brand of the golf club, not the same specs or equipment! – I work in a pro shop and I get lots of feedback especially about golf shoes.

FootJoy Golf Shoes for Men

FootJoy Hyperflex

Main benefits about this golf shoe is that it has a very distinctive soft mesh upper that is a good structure with waterproof protection, the fine-tuned foam gives you a nice soft cushioning for your feet coupled with Next Gen HeelLoc gives you great support, with its Tornado cleats it gives you a strong sense of stability and traction.

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This is very much a great all round golf shoe with very lightweight support, waterproof uppers and great grip, the material used in the midsole is a very light material and gives you superb support, a good golf shoe and can hold up in all types of weather. Golfers who like a modern looking golf shoe may not like the very modern look of this particular FootJoy shoe however if you look past that I am sure you will see the benefits. 

FootJoy Pro / SL

Main benefits of this golf shoe are that it has Fine Tuned Foam that gives a supple cushioning to your feet, perimeter weighted outsole gives great stability, ChromoSkin leather is very lightweight, it is durable and waterproof, the TPU moulded soles give you a great sense of stability even though it is a spike less golf shoe.

Even though this golf shoe is spike less it gives you great grip in all types of weather especially in the rain up and down slippery fairways, this shoe just oozes comfort and doesn’t look too bad either, if you are looking for a nice looking golf shoe with nice soft leather uppers then look no further than the FootJoy Pro.

FootJoy Contour

Main benefits of this particular golf shoe is that it is still very much in the classic looking style golf shoe, with its Achilles pad support, Contour Plus Last shape system promotes a better all round fit, the pulsar cleats give you great traction and support and with a breathable waterproof leather upper you cannot go far wrong with this golf shoe either.

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Great golf shoe in all weather conditions, fantastic cushioning support, a very lightweight golf shoe and a very comfortable golf shoe – an all round good golf shoe with a very simple design that some golfer will like and some golfers won’t. 

There are many other golf shoes to consider but it is always difficult to compare a very large stock of all types of golf shoes, so in future articles, I will add a few more into the mix for you to consider.

I hope that this article FootJoy Golf Shoes for Men will help you in making a decision on your next pair of golf shoes and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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4 Responses

  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for your feedback about the article FootJoy golf shoes for men, even though you are not at that stage about buying FootJoy golf shoes at this moment, hopefully your friends will see the benefits when they come onto the website – thanks for referring them on to I hope they like the website.

    Thanks once again for your comments about the article FootJoy golf shoes for men.


    Michael – Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer”

  2. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for your comments and feedback about the article FootJoy golf shoes for men, so glad that you enjoyed the review and it gave you an insight into the best ones to buy – I am so jealous that you once caddied for Jordan Spieth and at Riviera! What an experience – thanks once again for the comments about FootJoy golf shoes for men and if you have any other questions relating to the article please let me know.


    Michael – Bogeys to Birdies – Golf reviews and tips for the serious golfer

  3. Doug says:

    I absolutely love your site as I am a golf nut. I was looking for some information about a new pair of shoes and found your reviews spot on. I have a pair of foot joys contour’s and really liked them.
    But I found my self jumping around on the training and tips you have and lost track of time, lol.
    I once caddied for Jordan Spieth in 2014 at Riviera in LA for a charity event and it was the time of my life. At that time I had given up golf due to casting, but after a day and a half with Jordan, I am back and doing great. Wish I could have recorded his tips for me.
    Great site and I will be back again and again. Thanks for all the info.

  4. tylerlhilt says:

    Hello, I did not know that they actually made shoes specifically for golf. I am a sports guy but not much a golfer! I do like how well in depth you go with the footjoy golf shoes for men. It is very informative and something people would look for when trying to decide what shoes to get. Now, can regular tennis shoes work? I thought that is what they used. Anyways, I will have to refer my friends to this page! They are golfers!

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