Claw putting technique

Claw putting technique

With putting being such an important part of all golfers overall golf game you have to keep an open mind on what type of putting style or grip you adopt for your game, this article I am going to look at the claw putting technique and to give you my opinion on the pros and cons of using the claw putting technique. Claw putting technique - front on image of putting grip

Being an old-fashioned style of golfer I have always stuck with the old tried and tested method of keeping both hands together and working as one unit, it has served me well for 20 plus years but

I now feel that I need to look at other methods of putting if I truly want to play consistent par golf every round, as we all know if you can get the putter working good scores always follow.

Claw Putting technique

What this style of putting gives you is a great feel with your right hand as if you are rolling the ball into the hole, so it takes your left hand out of the equation and gives you a great shoulder turn which in turn will give you a great putting stroke for long lag putts which 50% of the time lead to 3 putts, but not with this stroke.

So if you are going to give the claw putting technique a go you just need to go through your old normal routine of reading putts and the exact same set up, the only exception is to change your right-hand grip to the claw grip when you are set up and ready to make the putt, you will find this putting technique is even more impressive when putting on fast greens.

The claw putting technique feels like you are rolling the golf ball with a nice fluid stroke instead of hitting the golf ball as per your old putting stroke, so even if you interchange between putting methods of your old style and the claw technique you will experience some great results. 

The pros as far as I am concerned are for the claw putting technique are: The Claw Putting technique

1. Great for fast greens
2. Great for lagging distance putts
3. Easier to line up your putts
4. You can see the putting line much better
5. Easier to feel that you are getting your head over the golf ball at address

Claw Putting technique - rear view of putting grip

The cons for the claw putting technique are:

1. Short or shorter putts will take a bit of working on to fine-tune the technique
2. No so great on slow greens
3. With tap-in putts use your old putting stroke until you master the new stroke
4. Not a good putting stroke when playing first thing in the morning when the morning dew is on the putting surface, or in the rain when you have a layer of water on the green
5. Not such a great putting technique when you have to really hit the golf ball for distance putts

So in conclusion, the claw putting technique is well worth ago if you are serious about finding a putting stroke to enhance your golf game, but do it in small changes and use it in conjunction with your old putting grip until you have mastered the putting stroke, if you change your putting grip gradually to the claw putting technique then your putting scores and averages will improve.

I hope that this article the claw putting technique will help you improve your golf game and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.



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  1. Hi There,

    Thanks for the positive comments on the article the claw putting technique, please keep us posted on your progress using the claw putting technique?

    Bogeys to Birdies

  2. Ann says:

    I am always on the lookout for new suggestions about putting techniques so really enjoyed this article on the claw putting technique, will let you know how I am progressing through the season to let you know how it is going, great article and keep it up!

  3. Hi There,

    The claw putting technique is definitely worth considering if you are unhappy with your current putting method, gives you sense that you are rolling the ball from your right hand that gives you a great feel especially for fast greens, keep us posted on how your putting is improving?

    Bogeys to Birdies

  4. Richard Simkin says:

    I have been looking at the claw putting technique for a while now, I see that a lot of the touring pros are using it now especially on really slick and fast greens, hard to adjust to the grip initially but I am confident I can make it work to suit my short game.


  5. Hi Richard,

    So glad that you enjoyed the claw putting technique article, keep an eye for other articles than will improve your game especially on the putting front, keep in touch.

    Bogeys to Birdies

  6. Richard says:

    This article was really enjoyable I have been looking for a better putting technique and this article has convinced me to try the claw putting technique, keep up the good posts!

  7. Hi Rich,

    We have found that using the claw putting technique will improve your feel and touch around the greens whether they are fast or slow greens, some of the best players in the world have adopted this technique and I hope it helps your golf game.

    Keep in touch and if you have any other feedback please get in touch.

    Bogeys to Birdies – Golf Tips for the serious golfer

  8. Richard simkin says:

    Hi There,

    Over the years I have tried endless amounts of putting techniques but your article on the claw putting technique has given me another option, will be giving it a go this weekend once I have had a practice session on the putting green – will let you know how it all goes.


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