Best Golf Clubs Seniors

So that is the big question what are the best golf clubs seniors. Our response to that is simply ‘the ones that work for you and your swing’ – but we need to refine that a little because golf equipment over the years has changed dramatically!

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Our recommendations for senior golf clubs are near the bottom of this article once you have finished reading up on what are the best golf clubs for senior golfers.

Best Golf Clubs Seniors

In all our other posts or articles I have never really clarified what I deem to be a senior golfer, so here we go:

  • Over 55 years of Age
  • Male or Female
  • Active Golfer in the warmer months of the year
  • Who enjoys the game and plays regularly for the company and exercise

Pretty simple really so not a major criterion to worry about, however recently I have received comments and emails asking me to clarify my understanding of what is a ‘Senior Golfer’ so I wanted to outline that prior to me looking into what I believe are the best senior golf clubs and senior golfers.

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Well as we know, the older we get the harder it is to keep on re-creating the clubhead speed to generate massive drives and carries, it’s not our fault it’s just that our bodies can no longer contort the way it used to be able to, so we have to work with what we have got and get the most out of our swing speed and personal capability.

Best Golf Clubs Seniors

Many would say that the ‘shaft’ of the golf club is the engine room of the golf club, and I tend to agree 100% that it is the case, a touring golf pro who generates massive clubhead speed needs to have stiff shafts because of the power and speed of their swings, this works the opposite when we get older! 

When you are next browsing in your local golf professionals store or local golf retail store, take a minute to really look at the clubs in a bit more depth and look at the markings on the shafts of the clubs that are on show, whether that be irons, hybrids, fairway woods or drivers, they will all have different shafts in them.

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Most golfers I have met throughout my playing career seem to ignore this and prefer the old tried and tested ‘waggle’ method, if it feels good and not too whippy then they assume that this club is perfect for them – how wrong is that statement? Think about that for one minute, if you swing the clubhead at say around 70 miles per hour then in comparison to the touring pros with a club head speed of approx. 110 mile per hour using a stiff shaft, it sort of jumps out at you and say’s ‘hold on a minute’ I should not be looking at a stiff shaft for my next golf club acquisition!

Best Golf Clubs Seniors - Rack of golf clubs

The majority of the top golf manufacturers now conveniently put a colour code dot system on the sole of the club, so when the clubs are on display in your local pro shop protruding out of the many holes or slots in military alignment, the dot system is an easy way to quickly identify what the shaft is on that particular golf club.

  • ‘S’ equals STIFF SHAFT
  • ‘R’ equals REGULAR SHAFT
  • ‘SR’ equals SENIOR SHAFT

Please find a link to browse different options available for shaft types – CLICK HERE.

Or even simpler just ask a staff member in the golf pro shop, nine times out of ten they will have a Flightscope monitor or a similar swing speed monitoring software programme, this will quickly analyse your swing and clubhead speed, then you are on the correct road to purchasing a club that suits you and your swing.

But please be warned that the older we get our swing speeds and patterns will change, so if you are serious about your golf and still wanting to be competitive in the game, you may need to look at changing or buying different clubs more frequently the older we get?

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So in conclusion to this article, if you get the correct shaft for your swing then you are on the road to more consistent ball striking, so no need to change your swing or techniques you just need to change your shafts to suit your age and swing speed.

Best Golf Clubs Seniors

It was only up until a few years ago I would just play with what I felt comfortable with, now that I have a little of inside knowledge I now fully understand the reason why you should be looking at more flexible shafts and more than likely graphite shafts even in your irons going into your later years.

Some teaching pros will argue that you need a stiff shaft for a driver and possibly a stiff shaft for a 3 wood and then a regular shaft for best hybrid golf clubs for seniors, but my findings beg to differ with this, if you are unsure on what to buy then go for the safe option and go ‘regular’ for your drivers, woods and irons, even without professional guidance the regular shaft option would be best suited to your swing even without having your swing analysed.

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My personal picks of clubs for the senior golfer which you can buy or look at on Amazon, just click the relevant text to find out further information:

Best golf club sets for seniors 2018 – Adams senior golf clubs

Best senior hybrid golf clubs – Wilson make nice hybrids for seniors so this is a good option at about £130.00  – Wilson Staff D300 Hybrid Golf Club

Best driver shaft for senior golfer – ‘R’ Regular or ‘SR’ Soft Regular

Best golf irons for seniors 2018 – Callaway senior golf clubsregular shafts 

Best golf clubs for seniors 2018 – Callaway Warbirdregular shafts

Best driver for senior golfer – King Cobra F7 regular flex shaftaround the £170 mark

Considering that you may be playing golf possibly twice a week because you are retired, it makes perfect sense to get the clubs that suit your budget, personal scoring goals and handicap expectations – so next time you are on the lookout for a new golf club, spend a little more time and purchase the one that suits your game?

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Happy golfing and as always if you would like to leave any comments then please do so in the comments section below, I would be more than happy to respond or put together an article of your choice in future posts.

More tips for the senior golfer please CLICK HERE.

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