Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

All golf clubs are manufactured and designed to suit your ability, in this article best golf clubs for seniors we will look at what you need to look out for taking into your clubhead and swing speed, getting the wrong clubs wrongly suited to your game will cost you dearly. Best Golf Clubs for Seniors - Fusion Driver

If an older golfer who is still physically strong and can still swing the golf club at a decent swing speed they might still need a stiff shaft set of irons, but the average senior golfer who over time has lost the physical strength they used to have so they, of course, swing the golf club much slower, so they need to get the correct flex in their shaft to compensate for the slower swing speeds.

Flexible golf shafts

As I previously mentioned your swing speed will slow with age so a more flexible shaft will be needed, so as a rule of thumb I always recommend the following types of flexes dependent on your swing speed:

Ladies Shaft – Under 60 MPH

Senior (SR) Shaft – 60 to 70 MPH

Regular Shaft – 70 to 80 MPH

Stiff Shafts – 80 to 90 MPH

Extra Stiff – Swing Speeds at 90 MPH or above

So when you are next in visiting your golf club pro shop or golf retailer then ask to be put on the swing speed monitor, then you know the shaft you are being recommended is the ideal shaft for your swing speed – but bear in mind shaft flexes might vary dependent on whether you are hitting irons or woods, so get all of your golf clubs fitted to your own personal swing speeds and specs.


New modern equipment is so much better

Whether we like it or not with age our coordination will get worse so finding the sweet spot on a golf club gets that little more difficult which will cost your game accuracy and distance, however, manufacturers are keeping the senior golf in mind with more weight distribution and also a larger and more forgiving sweet spot. Best Golf Clubs for Seniors - set of golf clubs

Making the soles on the irons wider which will stop you digging in your irons into the fairway when hitting the ball heavy or fat coupled with the fact that they have a low centre of gravity, which means that the golf ball will launch more easily and you will also strike the golf ball crisper – so moving over to a more forgiving set of irons might be the way to go for your golf game.

Custom fitting compared to off of the shelf

One thing is for sure if you want to get the most out of your ability and golf game then you have to be custom fitted for your golf clubs, and don’t be alarmed about the ‘custom fitting bit’ because when a new set of irons is offered at a certain price this includes the custom fitting from the manufacturer. Your local golf pro or golf retailer will put you through all of the tests, swing speeds, lie angles, kick points, grip sizes etc to make sure you get the best possible clubs for your game and then those specs will be sent to the manufacturer to implement the specs to suit your custom fitting.


I hope that this article best golf clubs for seniors was of use to your golf game and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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