Best Golf Ball Seniors

This is always a tough question to ask but just exactly what is the best golf ball seniors can buy and also what is the best budget golf balls for seniors?

In this article we look at the best golf ball for seniors of all ages – ‘So what the heck they are going to end up in a lake or I will lose them anyway’ I hear you say, so why waste my money on new golf balls? so what is the best golf ball for the high handicap golfer or senior golfer really?

We know it is the price that drives a lot of golfers to decide on what golf ball do they use, is it the amount that comes in the box, is it the quality of the golf ball that they want to buy, is it the same brand that they have always used when playing golf – the list can sometimes be endless which, why and what we buy!

Best Golf Ball Seniors

So to break this down I am going to look at the Pro’s and Con’s of buying used golf balls versus buying new golf balls, so let’s start with used golf balls first and see what that throw’s up:

Pro’s for buying Used Golf Balls – Best Golf Ball Seniors

• They are cheap
• They are within your budget
• You like the brands in the pack

• Some used golf balls packs come in different colours
• Doesn’t matter if you lose them
• They are always readily available online
• They are always readily available at the Pro Shop
• They may be cheap but you get what you pay for
• Some will come with scuff marks on them
• Some will still have marker pen marks clearly on them
• You will not always be playing with the same brand of ball
• Some may be a hard or soft cover
• Inconsistent short game feel dependent on what ball you are using
• Inconsistent putts and feel if changing from brand to brand

When you think about it, there is quite a lot to take on board when deciding to buy Used Golf Balls considering you don’t know what is in the packet! So now that we have briefly touched on the Used Golf Balls we can now focus on the Pros and Con’s of buying new golf ball brands when deciding to top up your supply:

Best Golf Ball Seniors

Pro’s for buying New Golf Balls

• You will be playing with a ball that you like and have used before
• Pristine condition and unused
• They will suit your game whether it be iron shots or putting
• You can choose the numbers you want on them
• No previous marks from other golfers like marker pen marks or scuffs
• You can mark them up yourself so they are easily recognisable
• New golf balls are always cheaper if you buy in bulk especially when included in a promotion or sale activity with your local retailer
• Plus there is nothing better than putting down a nice new ball for your first tee shot of the day, makes you feel good and confident!
Now let’s look at Con’s of buying new golf balls:
• Not always on sale
• Can be expensive if you buy them in packets of three instead of boxes
• Not all pro shop at golf courses stock your particular brand
• If you lose a few new golf balls per round – the cost of playing golf can soon skyrocket but it’s like a hidden cost because you purchased a box or two of them prior to your round
• When playing public courses, novice golfers and newbies on other fairways will always stumble on a nice new gleaming ball claiming it is theirs prior to you getting to the point of landing, they are long gone before you get there!
• Playing partners who run out of balls will always ask you because they know you always stock up with new golf balls!

To be truthful there are not too many downsides of buying new golf balls compared to used golf balls, the trick is looking out for them on ‘special’ in your local golf retailer or local golf professional shop – but you need to keep an eye out for them!

If you are in the midst of the summer months you are going to be paying a premium for new golf balls, the trick is to stock up during the winter months when golf retailers are vying for business and use new golf ball deals as an enticement to get you to the golf store – when hopefully you will also purchase other stock!

It is not uncommon during the winter months to get some fantastic deals not only on used golf balls or new golf balls but on all other golfing equipment. It is not hard to find golf stores offering 24 golf balls for the price of 12 during the colder and quieter months of winter, so take my advice and look out for the deals and stock up with new golf balls when the price is right for you? or what is the best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed?

After I wrote this section I thought I would do some digging around online to see what exactly you can get at this time of year, especially on new golf balls and also used golf balls, if the links are of help to you that’s great – it will save you having to do the online research to find those bargains.

So what are the best golf ball for seniors 2018

1. Second Chance Titleist Pro V1 Lake Golf Balls – White, Pack of 12

• Grade A quality premium used Titleist Pro V1 golf balls – £19.99
• 100% Genuinely recycled lake balls
• Not refurbished or refinished
• Second Chance’s rigorous cleaning and selection process ensures exceptional quality
• Handpicked and meticulously inspected by experienced golf ball graders
• Neatly packaged in a gold foil box

best golf ball seniors - 12 Premium Used Golf Balls

2. 100 Assorted Titleist Grade AA/B Golf Balls – Lake Balls

• 100 Assorted Titleist – Grade AA/B Golf Balls – Lake Balls – £35.99
• Finest USA Lakeballs
• Fantastic saving on new ball prices
• Superior quality

best golf ball seniors - 100 Used Lake Balls

3. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

• Titleist 2015 Pro V1 Golf Balls – £39.99
• ProV1 Model Ball
• Colour WHITE
• 1 x dozen balls
• New

best golf ball seniors - Pro V

4. TaylorMade Tour Preferred X 24 Golf Balls grade A lake balls£31.99

• New SOFT TECH cover material of softer feel and control
• Seamless dimple pattern promotes penetrating ball flight
• Progressive velocity promotes maximum distance
• 5 layer technology promotes optimum spin control
• Spin MantleTM designed to deliver precise and consistent spin rates on given shots throughout the bag

Best golf ball for seniors with slow swing speed

best golf ball seniors - TM New

As you can see there are an assortment of new and used golf balls available online, they may be for you or they may not – but please do not get swung by my findings, but just wanted to let you know how easy it is to find a good bargain on used golf balls and new golf balls and added the links for you. I hope that you found this article on the best golf ball seniors, please come back for further updates.

Best Golf Ball Seniors

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