Best gifts for a golfer

It sometimes can be a daunting task to buy a gift for a golfer whether it is a birthday or special occasion gift, this article best gifts for a golfer might give you some good ideas to at least buy something for your golfing recipient so they do not feel that you just grabbed anything that you thought they might like!

Best gifts for a golfer

When you think you know someone but know nothing about their favourite pastime this article might be able to shed some light on small gifts or extravagant gifts you might be tempted in buying for your family member or personal friend. Best gifts for a golfer - Bushnell Jolt Range Finder

Gifts for a golfer

The first port of call is looking at the smaller items that you can consider for the golfing gift and that is something along the lines of golf balls, golf gloves, golf tees, golf umbrella or even a nice polo shirt that suits all golfers, the only problem with buying clothing is knowing the correct size to buy for the recipient, so unless you know the person intimately and know their clothing size it might be best to stay away from that selection.

Gift ideas for a golfer

So let’s start by recommending some generic golf balls that all standards of golfers would gladly use that are reasonably priced and also a good golf ball for all golfers:

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls – Good all round durable golf ball that suits all standards of golfer

Titleist make quality golf balls and make the top of the range Titleist Pro V 1’s that the majority of the world’s top players use but to buy these you are looking at the top of the range golf ball normally retailing at around £50 per dozen, so even though it is a top of the range ball most golfers prefer to use a cheaper model in the same Titleist brand.
So the Titleist Velocity golf ball is a good alternative to the Pro V 1 golf ball, retailing at around half the price of the Pro V 1 golf ball so a great option for a great golf present if you are thinking about buying golf balls as a starter for the gift package.

Best gifts for a golfer - Velocity Golf Balls

Best gifts for a golfer

Footjoy golf gloves

FootJoy has been manufacturing for the golf industry for a long time and they not only supply golf gloves they also make a fine collection of golfing shoes, but for this golf gift idea a Footjoy golf glove is a great option for an add-on golf gift idea, they are comfortable, very durable in all weather conditions and are readily available in many colours and the majority of golfers have heard of the name Footjoy so you cannot go far wrong with this selection either.

Best gifts for a golfer - FootJoy Golf Glove

TaylorMade golf umbrella

The TaylorMade golf umbrella is a great addition to all golfers equipment, they are well made, nice and large and also have the option of vents to let any wind gusts flow through the golf umbrella when playing golf on a windy day, the handle and all of the fittings are also well made, so you cannot go far wrong when you buy a golf umbrella for any golfer.

Best gifts for a golfer - TaylorMade Golf Umbrella

Cheap golf tees

This is one area of the game of golf you cannot go far wrong, you can either buy cheap golf tees, wooden tees or plastic set size golf tees, golfers can never get enough tees for their golf bag, you can either buy them in bags of hundreds or smaller packets in the tens if you want to mix up the golf tee combination.

But if you want to mix up the assortment you can buy a few that are good for all tee shots dependent on what shot the golfer is making, if the golfer is playing an iron off of a par 3 then they will need shorter tees and if they are using woods or a driver off of a tee then they will need taller and longer packets of tees, for an example here are a few:

Best gifts for a golfer - short tees Best gifts for a golfer - mid length tees

Ultimate Golf Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a more upmarket gift for a golfer then you have to look no further than the following couple of suggestions, they are the ultimate addition to all golfers of all standards, you will definitely be top of their list if you choose to spoil them with one of these!

Garmin golf rangefinders – or similar

For all golfers the addition of a golf rangefinder to their equipment is a blessing, whether they are playing their home course or visiting other courses adding a rangefinder to their armoury is like having another golf club in their golf bag, by pointing this distance measuring device at any hazards, ditches, bunkers, tree lines and flag sticks give them an immediate distance to make sure that they choose the correct club for their next shot – makes the game a lot easier having one of these in your golf bag.

Best gifts for a golfer

Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Slope Range Finder – handheld

Slope Technology gives you compensated distances for hole’s incline/decline. 30% smaller and 2x faster than the previous model
5-5000 yard / 900m max ranging
5x Magnification. Accurate to 1 yard/m
PinSeeker with Jolt to zero in on the flag
Stabi-Grip Technology to help with a shaky hand

Best gifts for a golfer - Bushnell Jolt Range Finder

Garmin golf rangefinders – watch

Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

Preloaded with over 38,000 worldwide golf courses, plus free lifetime course updates
Shows yardages to the front, back and middle of green
Distances to layup points and doglegs
Digital scorecard with an ability to upload to Garmin Connect
Measure individual shots from anywhere on the golf course

best gifts for a golfer - Garmin S2 watch

Best gifts for a golfer

So there you have it just a few ideas for gifts for all golfers, this article will take all of the guessings out of what to buy as a gift for all the avid and enthusiastic golfer, hope that this article gave you a few ideas to consider when making that purchase!

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