Beginners to Golf

Beginners to Golf

In this article I am going to focus on what beginners to golf need to look for when getting into the game of golf and what type of clubs they will need to get themselves up and running!

In previous articles I have looked at what clubs are in your golf bag and how many you are allowed in your bag within the rules of golf around the world, whether the rules are governed by the PGA or the Royal and Ancient it is standard that you are allowed a maximum 14 golf clubs in your golf bag, this is divided up from your putter through to your driver.

To start off let’s look at the different clubs that are available for you to purchase to get into the game of golf:


Woods in your golf bag is a driver, a 3 wood or fairway wood, generally the driver and the 3 wood are used for tee shots on par 4’s or par 5’s where you need to gain maximum distance off of the tee, a fairway wood is used for exactly that for use off of the fairway when you are playing a par 5 and need a long second shot. Saying that a fairway wood can also be used for long par 3’s when you need to carry the ball 180 to 200 yards off of the tee. 


Irons are generally a sand iron through to a 5 irons which would be a sand iron, pitching wedge, 9 iron, 8 iron, 7 iron, 6 iron and 5 iron, for distances over the longest club being a 5 iron you would be using a hybrid club to cover the 3 and 4 irons, but I will explain hybrids in the next section.

A rule of thumb on distances is dependent on your capability of the game of golf, each club should be used for these approx. distances:

Sand Iron – 80 to 90 yards

Pitching Wedge – 90 to 100 yards

9 iron – 100 to 110 yards

8 iron – 110 to 120 yards

7 iron – 120 to 140 yards

6 iron – 140 to 160 yards

5 iron – 160 to 180 yards

Beginners to Golf - Irons in a rack

But as I said these distances are just averages and could well vary dependent on your golfing ability and distances can decrease slightly dependent on your age and what time of year are you playing golf, in the summer the golf balls travels further in the air and also along the ground, in the winter the golf ball will travel less through the air because of the cold air and you will get less roll because the ground could be wet and the golf will not roll on wet and heavy muddy ground.


Previously I mentioned hybrids in the iron section, for newcomers to the game of golf the hybrid is a new addition to sets of golf clubs and has super seeded long irons such as the 3 and 4 irons, this is because they are easier to hit than a long iron and have a bulkier head, not like an iron which gives you more chance of getting the golf ball air born so it travels further distances.


For many years the majority of golfers only ever carried a sand iron ( 56 degrees ) and a pitching wedge ( 46 degrees ) in their golf bags, but now many gap wedges or lob wedges come in varying different degrees sizes to enable all standards of golfers to hit a high shot which lands the golf ball more softly on the green especially when the putting greens are harder on the surface during the summer months due to the warmer weather than compared to the colder winter months.

So you will now find that you can purchase a lob or gap wedge with 50, 52, 54, 60 and 64 levels of degrees on the clubs, but if you are beginning golfer just starting out I would not recommend buying any of these until you feel comfortable with using the sand iron and pitching wedge, as your ability increases you could then consider adding additional wedges to cover certain distances.


Beginners to Golf - Putter headPutters come in all shapes and sizes and different price ranges, bearing in mind that if you are playing a par 72 golf course and you are averaging 2 putts per green that equates to 36 shots off of the par of 72, so that equates to 50% of your shots are used on the putting green with your putter, so when you come to purchase a putter don’t try and buy cheap because you will not be doing yourself any justice, remember the old golf saying “drive for show putt for dough” so seek professional expert advice when you are looking at purchasing a new putter.

Types of things to consider when buying your first set of golf clubs

I work in a golf pro shop and the first things I ask anyone contemplating taking up the game of golf are:

1. Don’t rush in and buy any clubs because they are cheap
2. You must get fitted with the correct shaft in comparison to your swing speed
3. The shaft is the engine room of the golf club
4. Are you committed to the game of golf long term
5. What is your budget for setting yourself up with a set of golf clubs

Once you have answered these questions you will be in a position to make an informed decision on what types of golf clubs to buy and how much you want to spend before you buy them. My personal recommendation is to buy a starter set which includes a half set of clubs, a couple of woods like a driver and 3 wood plus a fairway wood, a putter and a golf bag which would get you nicely into the game of golf.

If you like the game of golf what are your short and long-term plans once you get into it

What I mean by this is that when anyone comes into the pro shop to seek my advice I always liken getting into golf is like different stages you need to be aware of, because you are not going to pick up a set of golf clubs and automatically go out and shoot par golf, this only comes with a good set of clubs for you and your personal golfing ability.

I always recommend to aspiring or new golfers to look at stages such as:

1. Getting an official handicap
2. Working your way from a 28 handicapper to say a 20 handicapper
3. Working your way down from a 20 handicap to say a 14 handicap
4. Then from 14 skies the limit if you want to get into a single figure handicap but it is all dependent on what type of equipment you buy to get you from the different levels and stages of the game of golf.

Now that we have taken all of this into account I have selected a few starter golf sets to consider and in my opinion that will help you on your way to enjoying this great game of golf, I have listed them in budget order so it gives you the choice on what to invest your money into, hope this helps you in your decision.

Starter Set One

Woodworm Golf ZOOM V2 Clubs Package Set + Bag

An incredible value golf clubs set from one of golf’s hottest manufacturers.

Golf Clubs Overview

A 460cc driver, 10.5° loft fitted with Regular Flex graphite shaft
3 Wood fitted with Regular Flex graphite shaft, headcover included
3/4 Hybrid Rescue Wood, fitted with steel shaft, headcover included
5-6-7-8-9-PW-SW cavity back irons with precision steel shafts
35″ mallet style Putter Beginners to Golf - Set of Golf Clubs

Golf Bag Overview

7-way divider top
Deluxe stand bag with automatic pop out legs
Numerous external pockets including a full-length pocket for clothes/waterproofs etc
Rain cover included

A great quality set. The 460cc driver is the biggest legally allowed in golf, helping deliver more distance, more often. The easy to hit hybrid club replaces the difficult to control longer irons, whilst at the same time providing a versatile club that can be used from virtually anywhere on the course. The deep cavity back irons help deliver a higher MOI for more forgiveness, whilst at the same time promoting a lower centre of gravity to help punch the ball into the air. CLICK HERE for further info.

Here is a review from a satisfied customer: I’m 6’3″ and played with the clubs for 2 years learning the game. I have now upgraded to a longer set of irons but they are fine as a beginner set. The irons are forgiving and I was happy with them. I didn’t really get on with the driver but the 3 wood and hybrid were fine. A good purchase for the beginner golfer.

Starter Set Two

Wilson Tour RX Men’s Right Hand Golf Clubs Complete Set + Bag

Having your own set of golf clubs can be pretty expensive, that is why you need to consider the Wilson Tour RX. For an unbeatable price, you get 10 Wilson golf clubs and a great bag to have them in. In all, the set comes with ten Wilson golf clubs. In the set, you will find a 460cc titanium composite driver, fairway woods with graphite shafts, a hybrid, six irons from 5-PW, and a putter plus alignment aids. Beginners to Golf - Set of Golf Clubs

Wilson has used a range of materials in crafting the golf clubs. From familiar materials like graphite and stainless steel to innovative titanium composite, Wilson has done a tremendous job in choosing quality materials for their golf clubs.

The lightweight Wilson golf bag is remarkably spacious and is able to store the 10 golf clubs with ease. The seven-way top and five pockets provide ample storage space. Also, comes with a bag head cover to protect your golf clubs from the elements.

Uni-Flex Shafts
Made from titanium, graphite, and stainless steel
460cc titanium composite driver
Mallet putter with anti-glare and alignment aids
Lightweight golf stand bag with stand
10.5° Driver – Graphite Shaft
Fairway wood – graphite Shaft
23° Hybrid #4 – Steel Shaft
Irons (5-PW)
Semi-Mallet Putter

A pretty good buy for the beginner golfer. CLICK HERE for further info.

Starter Set Three

Wilson Men’s Profile VF Golf Set

• High quality
• Graphite woods
• No strain on the hands
• Less vibration travelling through the arms
• Wilson putter
• Wilson deluxe cart bag
• Wilson titanium 460cc driver (graphite shaft)
• Wilson fairway #3 wood (graphite shaft)
• Wilson #4 hybrid (graphite shaft)
• Wilson 5,6,7,8,9 irons, plus PW and SW (steel shaft)
• Wilson matching headcovers for driver Beginners to Golf - Set of Golf Clubs
• Fairway wood and hybrid included 

Even though this set is slightly more expensive well worth considering because of the graphite and steel shaft combination between the irons (steel) and the woods (graphite)
For more information on this starter set CLICK HERE for further information.

But remember there are many golf clubs and manufacturers out in the marketplace to consider, but these I have looked at and reviewed represent value for money and at the same time giving you a chance to start off your career into amateur golf.

Here is another article I wrote about the best shafts to select for your golf swing, you might find this article informative as well – CLICK HERE to read the article.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article Beginners to Golf please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.


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