Basic Golf Swing Lessons

Basic Golf Swing Lessons

Here we are going to be talking about Basic Golf Swing Lessons and how they can improve your game. We have all strived for the perfect golf swing but to reach the holy grail of perfecting that we all need to understand the basics of the golf swing first.

When a beginning and aspiring golfer picks up a golf club for the first time it is inevitable they will swing the club like ‘swatting a fly’ – we have all seen it and witnessed it, but the reason for that is that when they have watched golfers on the television or in person they assume it looks easy! Or if they have played other sports prior to trying golf like baseball, cricket, tennis or squash – “It’s the same as any other ball sports right, you just have to hit it”? Wrong.

All other ball sports tend to have a moving circular target but can come at you from all angles known to man, so in theory its more of a reactive ‘strike’ than striking a still, motionless, harmless and very small golf ball, which needs to be coerced and nurtured around the golf course, the fairways and the putting greens – sometimes you wish that the little blighter would move so that possibly making it easier to hit when struck!

Now before any golfer can pick up a golf club and commence to swing the club you need to have at least a 75% decent golf grip, the golf grip will mature into your best and most comfortable position once you have started to master the art of dishing out an assault on a golf ball! If you can get your grip correct from the start and get a 100% decent grip then the swinging of the golf club will be a piece of cake. To give you the basics of the golf grip please read my previous tip on setting up the golf grip to suit yourself – CLICK HERE.

My first recommendation on getting your swing correct from the start is to possibly the use of a golf training aid like this one:

Golf Swing Weighted Aid

Basic Golf Swing Lessons

What this does is, in fact, let you swing the club more freely, much more freely than when you are swinging a normal un-weighted golf club, the weight of the club will then get your upper body and arms swinging much better plus the moulded grip will improve your grip too. The best way to swing this swing training aid is to stand up straight and swing the training aid around your body like a baseball player would do when they practice swing with a baseball bat, then as your muscles are getting used to that specific body movement all you have to do is repeat the same swing with your back arched and hit the golf ball – sounds easy doesn’t it? It is but it just takes time like everything we do in everyday life. For more information on the golf training aid please CLICK HERE.

Part one of the series that I am getting underway is getting you to get mental basic golf swing lessons into your weekly golfing practice sessions, whether it be at the golf course or golf driving range, it’s getting that smooth swinging feeling when you swing the golf club every time you hit the golf ball. The only variances that are in any golf swing are the speed, tempo of the swing, the height of the swing, the length of the swing, the power of the swing and eventually the follow-through of the golf swing, so a lot to take in from the start of your golfing career.

In a golf swing there are many things to consider when learning or improving your golf game – Address, taking the club back, breaking your wrists, rolling your wrists, getting your arms in the correct position, full turn of the hips, uncoiling of your hips, generating lag in your swing, the swing at impact, hitting behind the ball and then the follow through! It sounds like a lot but trust me all of the above is over in a matter of seconds, so I want to break the mechanics of it down in separate posts so not to overwhelm any new or veteran golfers.

We are never too old or too young to learn different things about golf, so my next post will be about the address and taking back of the golf club in section basic golf swing lessons. However in the meantime, if you have any comments or would like to subscribe to my newsletter please enter your details or leave a comment and I will be in touch.

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  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Johnny, thank you for your response and comments about basic golf swing lessons, how true is that statement you mentioned about balance and muscle memory, I always try and drum that fact into all of the senior golfers I coach when I am helping them with their game of game. You do not have to be physically strong or physically well built to generate a good club head speed which generates distance, just a good posture, stance and swing the club exactly the same way every time which is the muscle memory part!

    The mental part of the game of golf is the main part, if your head is not in the right place when playing the game your game will suffer, good swing thoughts, memories of past shots and the way you played the course the last time always helps – you only have to look at Jason Day when he closes his eyes and visualises each shot when playing golf – good memories and visualisation is a major factor.

    Thanks once again for your comments about basic golf swing lessons and if you have any other in put or questions please do not hesitate to drop me a another message.


    Michael Bogeys to Birdies “Golf Tips for the Senior Golfer”

  2. Johnny says:

    Thanks for your article! When I first started golf about 9 years ago ,I thought it would be easy because of my athletic background in baseball and ice hockey. Boy was I in for a shock! Golf is a mental game for sure,but it is also a game where muscle memory of a consistent well balanced swing is key. I believe the earlier someone can develop a proper swing the better! Keep it in the short grass! Cheers!

  3. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Tyler, thanks for your comments, there are many things to learn about golf, that is why I am trying to do my bit with on line tutorials. Cheers, Michael

  4. Tyler Redlev says:

    It takes serious work to master golf, and it and it is not for everybody. It takes patience and serious ddication to master yourself in golf. I didn’t know that there was a training aid golf club. Appears that there are many things that i don’t know about golf but willing to learn more for this season

  5. Michael Baker says:

    Hi There, golf is a game where you don’t have to be good at it just to have fun, thats the beauty of the game. Keep in touch and thanks for your comments. Cheers, Michael

  6. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Kush, thanks for your comments, videos really work for me and I have nearly 250K views on two of them so they do work! Take care and keep in touch. Cheers, Michael

  7. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Wendy, thanks for your comments, its not too expensive to take up golf, have a read of one of my other posts about finding bargains and playing the game on the cheap. Keep in touch, Cheers Michael

  8. Kush1000 says:

    I enjoyed your site. I’m 64 and don’t play golf, but I really did. The videos were great. It never occurred to me to have a Youtube video with me in it. That definitely establishes you as an authority. And the Header seems amazing. Really nice with the feeling I think Golf is supposed to convey. I see you’ve chosen not to monetize your site yet, but instead to hook them to come back with the promised reviews. I don’t have an opinion on that but would be curious to learn how that works for you.

  9. G.C.Horton says:

    I enjoyed your article about basic golf swing lessons and can see how these tips will improve my swing if I apply them.

    Thanks for introducing me to the idea of using golf training aids. I’ve known of such things for years, but never took them seriously until now.

    I’m not a serious golfer and will never be a threat at the club, but it’d be nice to not embarrassment myself when I’m the course.

  10. wendy says:

    Hi thank you for sharing all this information.
    Question how expensive is it to take up playing golf? I have never played but some of my friends that do play I always hear them talking about how much it cost them what they need to pay club fees to be a member.
    Thank you

  11. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Niki,

    Thanks for comments and thanks for signing up for newsletter, keep in touch. regards, Michael

  12. Niki says:

    Thank you for tips on that one. i found it very useful for myself.

    My boyfriend love goal and recently started to play himself. I did recommend him you website for tip. thank you for all those information. waiting for new articles. I did sign up for the new as well

  13. Michael Baker says:

    Hi There, thanks for your comments and I will look into what you have mentioned. Happy Golfing!

  14. mj barrelet says:

    Hi Michael,

    You have a really great site! My husband is an avid golfer too!

    Keep it up!

  15. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Billy, any grip is a good grip even if it is a ‘fancy grip’ if it gets the job done then fantastic. Thanks for the comments and keep in touch. Regards, Michael

  16. Michael Baker says:

    Hi Diane, thank you for your comments and I am glad that you found my site informative. Take care and keep in touch. Regards, Michael

  17. Billy Hunter says:

    when I was a young toddler in the early 2000’s i used the fancy grip on a 7 iron! It really really helped with my game to this day and now I don’t need the grip! haha obviously lol. But there is always room for improvements in my golf game. I actually hit the ball a lot better with my fancy grip, I would use it a lot more but it’s like 5 inches tall. I would have to play on my knees! haha. I would like to learn more from you on this website.. I mean I live on a golf course so I might as well hah.

  18. Diana says:

    Hi Michael!
    I absolutely love this post! I admit I’m the one “swatting flies” out there on the course, but I’m looking into what I can do to improve my golf swing and better my game. My husband is really into golf, but not a very good instructor lol!
    I am definitely going to look into getting a golf training aid…I am so glad I found your site and love that the information is clear and straightforward. Thank you!!!

  19. Michael Baker says:

    Hi There, thanks for your comments and visit to my site, I am glad that you found the content informative. Happy Golfing! Regards, Michael

  20. Thurman says:

    Nicely done. As an avid senior golfer I was really impressed by your site. I spent way too much time crawling around. I really enjoyed the tip about getting your right shoulder out of the way. that will be my only swing thought next time I play. Good job and Best of Luck

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