7 Ways to Lower Your Golf Scores Fast

7 Ways to Lower Your Golf Scores Fast

When you want to really work on your golf game you need to have a clear-cut objective and strategy that you can work to which will help you achieve your goals, in this article the 7 ways to lower your golf scores fast will help you with that objective and assist you in reaching your goals.

Put pen to paper and write out a development plan

Like I mentioned previously you need to have a clear-cut strategy to work to if you really want your golf game to improve and what you need to improve to get to that goal, so what you need is a clear plan and what objective that will help you on your way. 7 Ways to Lower Your Golf Scores Fast - Golf Stance

Firstly write down your goals regardless of what they are, it could be improve your driver tee shots, your mid-iron game, bunker play or short game it doesn’t matter you just need to write them down to start creating a plan on how you intend to improve your game. Once you have written them down work out how you are going to do it plus include any other friends, fellow golfers or golf professional who is going to help you achieve them.

Working on muscle memory and daily habits

You don’t always have to be on a golf course or golf driving range to help you build a daily habit to help you improve your golf game, these daily habits, muscle memory techniques, swing techniques and grip techniques can be worked on in the comfort of your own home or place of work, but you need to get used to doing these daily routines to help you move forward in achieving your goals.

I have included a link to a recent article I put together about routines and exercises you can work on at home to help you, CLICK HERE to read the article.

A regular coaching campaign or coaching assistance

I have not always been an advocate of getting professional coaching lessons, however the reason for this is that I have always found it difficult to find a golf professional to enhance my current game not turn me into a ‘clone’ the way they swing a golf club, but and that’s a big but if you find a coach that you can relate to and their golf coaching techniques improve and enhance your game then book in some regular golf lessons to help you achieve your goal.

7 Ways to Lower Your Golf Scores Fast - Golf Range Practice GolferA golf professional or indeed a good golf player in their own right can help you with correcting faults that you cannot see yourself, so they can add another dimension by videoing you while you swing and then talk about how you are going to improve your game, seeing a video of yourself for the first time is sometimes hard because you have never seen yourself swing a golf club before, but by doing this you will see straight away the points that need addressing. So regardless of whether you book in a lesson with a golf professional or not, you must get someone to video your golf swing so you can immediately see the problems.

Taking the techniques you are learning onto the golf course

Whether you are learning your golf routines or techniques at home or on the golf driving range, you need to be able to take these new routines and techniques onto the golf course, we all know that when we are on the golf driving range we hit the perfect golf shots with no pressure, so we need to be able to take what we have learned off of the golf course onto the golf course.

So you need to work on how you are going to take your ‘A’ game onto the golf course by:

1. Making sure your golf swing works under pressure
2. Get into a good mental state so your swing works under pressure
3. Always thinking ahead and making the right club selection
4. Having a good pre-shot routine and stick to it
5. Having a bullet proof repeatable golf swing

Practising on the golf driving range

I watch many golfers on the driving range and they have no idea or plan on what they are trying to achieve by going to the driving range, they immediately take out the driver and start trying to ‘bomb’ every golf shot, this is not what golf is all about and you should treat the golf driving range the same as you would when playing a round of golf.

So I recommend warming up with shorter clubs and shots, so start off with a sand iron and work on just 30 to 50 yard punch chip shots, this will get you into the mode of hitting down on the golf ball and grooving your golf swing, then gradually work your way through your golf bag to the longer clubs and get the most out of visiting the driving range. 7 Ways to Lower Your Golf Scores Fast - Practice Range Golf Balls

When I go to the driving range I always try to imagine that I am playing 18 holes of golf at my golf club, so I play every hole on the range, so if that means hitting a 3 wood for my tee shot then working out how well I hit it then work approx. what club you would be going in with your 2nd approach shot to the green.

What you need to work on is the shots that get you out of trouble, so imagine your golf ball is under a tree and you need to hit a low 160 yard shot, so work on executing that shot, you will be surprised how often this happens on a golf course, then when you need to make that shot from under the tree you have already played that shot hundreds of times, so use you golf driving range time wisely and don’t just try and ‘bomb’ driver all the time.

Keeping statistics on each of your rounds of golf

Each time I play a round of golf I want to come off of the course and know exactly why my score was not as good as another previous round of golf that I played, so I work out all my good tee shots, mid and long irons shots, shots within a 100 yards of the green, greens in regulation, short game chips, bunker shots and putts, by doing this I know within minutes of finishing my round exactly what I need to work on prior to my next round – And you should too, so make a log of all of your shots and work out what needs to be improved.

Attitude and your mental state of mind

Whether you like it or not outside interferences can play a major part in your game of golf, problems at home, money worries, job worries or personal worries can all be playing a big part in your sub conscience without you even thinking about it, a clear head from outside distractions can really help your game, if you don’t believe look at what happened to Tiger Woods when he was going through personal and family issues, his game suffered and that’s a fact!

We also live in an instant gratification society and what that means is that we all have a ‘we want it now’ attitude, well nothing comes out nothing, so the old saying ‘you get out what you put in’ is very much the case with golf, so you need to have a clear head, a very positive mindset and attitude to achieve your golfing goals – with lots and lots of productive practice sessions – many golfers say to me how come you are such a consistently good golfer, my response is always ‘ I practice a hell of a lot and I always try and take my A game out onto the golf course, of course this is not always going to be the case but 90% of the time when I have warmed up and practiced prior to a game, made sure that I have hit all of the clubs that I wanted to hit, hit some practice bunker shots, hit some chip shots on the practice putting green and then finalised with some short putts and long putts, then I know that I am ready for the first tee not only mentally but also have a lot of confidence in my golf swing, going through all my pre-shot routines religiously and sticking to my game plan at all times works for me and it will definitely work for you.

My motto as always been ‘Worse case scenario on any given hole is a bogey, because I know that there are plenty of birdies chances going to come along in the rest of my round, double bogeys are hard to take and always hard to claw back from – so think worse case scenario bogey even after a poor tee shot or mid iron, it works well for me and will work well for you.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article 7 Ways to Lower Your Golf Scores Fast please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.


Michael Baker
Bogeys to Birdies

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  1. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your feedback on the article 7 ways to lower your golf scores fast, I am so glad that you found the post beneficial and that it does in fact improve your golf game. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on.


    Michael Baker

    Bogeys to Birdies

  2. Robert Junk says:

    HI Michael,

    Another great article! I think this one may be the most beneficial for my game overall. As a weekend struggler this gives my a list of things to do to improve my game. I love to hit the driving range during the week and now I have some focus for my practice sessions. Thanks for the great tips and great website.



  3. Bogeys to Birdies says:

    Hi Simon, thanks for your comments and feedback on the article 7 ways to lower your golf scores fast, let me know how you get on with trying my suggestions, it is always great to get feedback regarding my articles.

    Keep in touch.


    Michael Baker

    Bogeys to Birdies

  4. Simon says:

    Dear Michael,
    thank you for this helpful post.
    I am an occasional golf player and I like the idea of having a detailed plan like your “lower your golf scores fast”.
    I will try your tips, and start with writing down my goals. I am really thinking about keeping statistics of every one of my golf rounds.
    You write also about the mental attitude which I think is one of the most important facts.
    Thank you very much for you help.
    Have a great day!

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