3 Basic Golf Tips

3 Basic Golf Tips

When starting out to play golf, there are simple things you need to embrace with 3 basic golf tips, if you can get these three fundamental things into your set up then you will be on your way to enjoying this great game of golf.

Firstly off the mark is the golf grip, as in one of my previous articles I outlined the three golf grips that are the most common in the game of golf, those being the interlocking grip, overlapping grip or the baseball grip.

The overlapping grip is the most common amongst the world’s leading professionals on all the world tours from the PGA,3 Basic Golf Tips - The Complete Grip European and fringe tours around the globe, however in the amateur golfing ranks the interlocking would be the most favoured because it makes it feel like you have a tighter firmer hold on the club, that is my personal opinion, but having played with far more amateur golfers in my playing career the interlocking grip seems and appears to be the most popular.

Next up is keeping your head still (or relatively still as humanly possible) through the back swing, down swing and follow through, this might seem like a hard thing to achieve but if you can just think of one thing during the drill is that if you keep your head still you will a) always have your eye on the ball and b) your body will pivot around your still or relatively still head, this will result in a steady swing regardless of where you have taken the club back to.

Third and final tip for golf tips beginners is to keep your left arm straight if you are a right-handed golfer or right arm if you are a left-handed golfer, sometimes we feel that trying to keep your leading arm straight through the golf swing is pretty hard, but if you take the club back to the point that you feel that your leading arm will not be straight then this is the point to break your wrists and turn your hips, by adding these two movements to your golf swing it will make it feel much more natural.

When I am playing golf and it feels like I am not quite playing my normal game, I think or just revisit these three easy steps that can be taken onto the golf course, have a look at your grip, really concentrate on keeping your head still and keeping that leading arm as straight as possible throughout the golf swing. Keeping these three basic steps in your thought pattern will improve your consistency on the golf course and will improve your game.

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As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding this article 3 basic golf tips please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any responses received.

Happy golfing.

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