Golf Lessons for Beginners

Golf Lessons for Beginners

I am always on the look out for easy to follow and understand golf tutorials whether they are in print, audio or video for golf lessons for beginners – today I have come across a really easy to understand video that breaks it down to the first ‘5’ basic steps to the golf swing by the great Jack Nicklaus. It starts off with 1) One basic swing. 2) One grip at all times. 3) The same aim for all shots. 4) The ball should be in the same position for all shots. 5) The same arc and plane for all shots, the only variable is the length of the club that you are using for the shot. I think after reading this and then watching the video it will bring it all into perspective – I have always been a person once I have read about it and then watched it, it all comes together. Some may disagree with the great man himself, mainly with the ball positioning IE slightly open for a fade and slightly closed for a draw, but Jack keeps it simple with his method by opening or closing the clubface to get the same results, with so many majors under his belt it is hard to disagree with him! 

Hope you enjoy the video, I will trawl the internet to find some more easy to understand golfing tips for the beginning golfer. And as ever if you have any comments regarding the video or my comments please do get in contact and let me know your feedback?

Happy Golfing and as always if you have any comments or feedback on my posts or content please do not hesitate to message me on or leave me a comment in the box below. For more information on Golf, I have added a link to Wikipedia.



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